Táve just got even more powerful. This is Organization 2.0.

We’re excited to announce the launch a completely new way to organize your business in Táve.

Check out the overview video below or head over to our brand new Support section called Organization.


What’s in this update?

  • Contact Tagging – label your contacts in your address book with relevant tags. Select from existing tags or create your own.
  • Filterable Lists and Reports – Filter your Address Book, Agenda, Leads, Jobs, Quotes and Orders list to find exactly what you need.
  • Customizable Sidebar Items – Save your filtered lists to the sidebar.
  • Customize Visible Columns – Adjust which columns appear in your lists. Add powerful action columns.
  • Export CSV – Export your filtered lists to CSV. You can export only visible columns or all columns.

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Email scheduling is here!

With this latest update, Táve now gives you the ability to schedule your emails to send at a later time and date. Maybe you’re a night owl who composes emails in the middle of the night or you want to send an email at the ideal time to make sure it’s read. Email scheduling now gives you the flexibility to have emails go out when you need them to go out.

It’s simple too! When composing a new email message there are now four options for when to send:

  • Immediately 
  • In 5 minutes – great if you want your message to not feel too much like a canned response that was sent immediately
  • At 8am – Sends at the start of the business day.
  • At a specific time – You set the date and time!

That’s it! Your message will be marked as ‘Scheduled’ awaiting the moment it’s set to send. You can hover over the schedule tag to see what time it’s scheduled for. You can also edit the message any time before it’s scheduled.

Dashboard Widget and Outbox

All of your scheduled emails will appear in the new dashboard widget so you can quickly see which emails are ready to go out and when.

Click the ‘View’ button to be taken to the email to change its content or scheduled time or click on the ‘All Scheduled Mail’ button to go to the outbox to see all emails you have set to send. Quick tip: You can configure how many scheduled emails appear in the widget by going to the ‘Configure Dashboard’ section of the home page. 

Scheduled Emails in Automations

In addition to being able to schedule a normal email to go out at a later time, you can now set a delay for automation emails.

Using the ‘Send Email’ automation action, you can set it so the email goes out immediately when the automation executes, waits however many minutes you specify, or doesn’t send at all but saves the message as a draft so that you can review it before sending.

You can now build a personal auto-responder that doesn’t feel too automatic. Set up a new automation that is observing whenever a new lead is created. Add the condition to make sure that’s it’s a web lead that comes through your contact form (not one you created manually from the dashboard). Then set the ‘Send Email’ action to send the message 5 minutes after the lead is created. Voila! A quick response that doesn’t feel like it’s so immediate it must have been automated.


You should have received an email from us recently about an hour scheduled maintenance window planned for this coming Saturday, September 12. This update will bring a lot of long requested changes to the app and we couldn’t be more excited. As a reminder, here’s the time frame for the maintenance window:

Scheduled Maintenance Window

Saturday, September 12, 2015 for 1 Hour

7pm PST / 8pm MST / 9pm CST / 10pm EST

For our friends in the UK and Australia region that’s
Sunday, September 13, 2015 3am and 12pm respectively.

During the update, you will not be able to access the main app. You will, however, have full read-only access to your account through standby.tave.com.

This update encompasses quite a bit involving Quotes and Orders. Here’s a run down of what is changing:

  • Quotes and Proposals as they exist now are becoming what we call Standard and Advanced Quotes. We no long use the terminology ‘Proposal’ but the exact same functionality is there as an ‘Advanced Quote.
  • Standard Quotes simplify the booking process quite a bit by allowing you to add products or packages to a quote, set ONE payment schedule, ONE questionnaire, and/or ONE contract as part of the booking process. You can read more about building a Standard Quote here on the new support site.
  • Advanced Quotes encompass the exact same structure as current ‘Proposals’ do. They allow you to add several quote groups for your clients to choose from and add one or more payment schedule, questionnaire, or contract to be included during booking. You can read more about building an Advanced Quote here on the new support site.
  • Both Standard Quotes and Advanced Quotes can be built in Settings to be reused as much as you’d like on a job.
  • Because of the above changes, we have bulk updated your quick response templates, custom field tokens, automations, workflows, and lead statuses to replace the word ‘Proposal’ with ‘Quote’.
  • If you start creating a Standard Quote and you realize you need it to be an Advanced Quote, you can easily convert between them with the convert button.

If you have saved quote and proposal templates, we have moved those to the new quote editors in settings and you’ll find that you can now edit them at will.

  • Quotes & Orders now exist on the same tab on a lead or job. In general, you’ll send a quote to a client whom you want to go through the booking process and you’ll create an order for a client whom you want to book the products or services directly.
  • If you create an order that’s booked directly, you can still send the client a questionnaire and contract (new with this update).

Products and packages will have a new option associated with them. When building a quote in Settings as a template or directly on a job, you can make a package or product required, suggested or optional.

  • Required – These items are required in order to book the quote.
  • Suggested – These items are not required but they are included in the quote by default. The client can remove them when booking.
  • Optional – These items are presented in a separate list below the quote. The client can change the quantity of the items, then add them to the quote.


We’re excited to announce an awesome improvement to tracking leads in Táve. Lead statuses make keeping track of where in the sales process you are with leads a piece of cake.

You can set your own custom statuses to work perfectly for your lead tracking workflow. Not only can you have custom statuses, but the lists themselves are extremely powerful. You can set your leads to change status automatically after a given amount of time. A few highlights:

  • Default lead statuses to get you started
  • Ability to add custom lead statuses and edit any existing ones
  • All new lead status lists in main menu Leads section
  • Powerful Automatic Lead Status changes
  • Built in automations for Stale leads

Check out this short video to learn more about the new features:

Most of the past month has been spent polishing up Táve 4 while improving our tutorials and documentation, including our new Webinar series (our next webinar is tonight!). As we continue that process, we’re pleased to announce an exciting new feature that makes it easier than ever to get a birds-eye view of where your jobs and deliverables stand:

Workflow Task Progression ReportWorkflow Progress by Task

As you can see from the example report above, your jobs move through their workflow in a “waterfall” fashion, starting at the top left and slowly working towards the bottom right. All of the tasks you create in your workflow are listed in these new reports. Hovering your mouse over each block shows a tooltip with additional details about the task, including it’s due date.

We have another version of this report that lists all of your open deliverables, grouped by their workflow:

Deliverable Task ProgressionDeliverable Progress by Task

Another great way to use the deliverable progress report is if you have a seasonal product with tight deadlines, such as holiday cards or graduation photos, so you can easily group them together in one simple report and track the status of each and every one.

If you’re wondering what the colors on the left mean, that’s the event type color of the primary session on the job, as Táve 4 now lets you color code every type of event.

Stay tuned, as we have more great features on the way, and have a happy holiday season!


We moved to a new helpdesk platform over the weekend. While our tutorials will remain on the old helpdesk until the Táve 4 launch, all new tickets and chats will go through a single in-app system.

Many of you loved our live chat, but we began using it less and less in order to focus on Táve 4 development, as there is so much pent up demand for that release that we want to get it out there as soon as possible (without sacrificing quality one bit).

With live chat extremely limited, that meant the best way to reach us for private one-on-one support was through filing more complex helpdesk tickets that usually required a slower response time. Today’s system replaces the two and lands firmly between the two systems in terms of speed and formality.

One of the best features of the new message center, besides being able to add attachments and screenshots, is that it resides inside the application. Simply click on the Support menu at the top right of any page and select Message Us from the menu. That will bring up the new message drawer which will hold all of your support messages. You can click on the three-line icon at the top left of the drawer to view the list of all your previous conversations in the new system.

We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds lately, so when you message us you’ll get a reply from any one of the five of us in short order.

As always, the Táve Users Group on Facebook is another great resource, with just shy of a thousand fellow Táve users in the group to give feedback and answer questions. If you’re not a user or you can’t get into your account, you can always use this contact form.

We’re back in Vegas this week to participate in WPPI 2014 and and preview the next big thing this spring…

Táve 4

What started out as “just” our biggest release since the launch of T3, is now on its way to become our biggest and most exciting release in the history of Táve. One of our top priorities is to improve the experience on tablet and mobile browsers. While we initially planned to make that change over several releases, with tablets first and full mobile responsiveness across the application added in a subsequent release, it became clear that separating them would lead to far more time and effort than doing it all at once, even with mobile responsiveness requiring a completely new theme.

This release is focused entirely on the manager. With just a couple of exceptions, we’ll be focusing the rest of 2014 on your client interaction, from exciting new options in the booking process and going mobile responsive in client access, to adding new email options.

The list of features in T4 is impressive. Even listing the top features is a challenge as there are so many massive improvements, but I’d have to go with:

  • 100% mobile and tablet responsive (the entire system on your phone).
  • Jobs have been split into Leads and Jobs and we’ve added more lead tracking features.
  • A new homepage with a host of new mini-reports and an email activity summary.
  • Workflow is now a breeze as we’ve split them into two parts, Task Lists and Automations, which are far easier to use while letting you do so much more.
  • The huge New Lead Worksheet has been replaced by a per-job-type customizable all-in-one Job Worksheet.
  • Placeholders are now called Tokens and can reference anything on the job worksheet in your emails and contracts, be it a bride’s name, a 2nd shooter’s phone number, or the location and time of a particular session.
  • The questionnaire editor has been rewritten from the ground up. We’re adding a few new fields and responses can now update any information on a job that can be referenced by a token.
  • Most forms now have help text under the save button. Even better, this help text is can be improved by any user.
  • And much more…

Profit Centers

I must admit to being inspired by the PPA’s Studio Management Services (SMS) Manager Bridget Jackson’s Imaging USA presentation “Know Your Number”. Once we were all back up to full speed a few weeks after returning from the show, I took some time to clean up and extend our expense categories and introduce Profit Centers. Expense categories can now have sub-categories and by classifying each category as either cost of sale, owner’s compensation, or general expense, we can put together some really useful reports.

Most studios have between 2-4 profit centers, allowing you to easily compare your performance between Weddings and Portraits or Senior and Family, etc. We’re automatically creating a profit center for any job type that accounts for more than 10% of your business as part of this release to get you started. This screenshot shows a studio who gets the vast majority of their income from a single profit center and who hasn’t been entering their expenses into Táve (a common issue we’re improving with each release).

 Profit Centers report in Táve 4


Don’t miss our WPPI 2014 Sale!

You have until the end of Sunday, March 9th, to save up to 50% on pre-pays. Based on previous years, this will likely be our last sale of 2014!

As always, we operate in your local studio time, so don’t wait until the last minute or you’ll have to wait for Imaging USA in Nashville next January.


Learn more about Táve 4

It’s not just the best place to get answers from other Táve users or learn new ways to use the system; the Táve Users Group on Facebook got the first look at the screenshot above, along side several more screenshots of T4 (including a page in iOS Mobile Safari and another scaled for tablet). After ImagingUSA the group also got to see 20 other early screenshots of our work in progress from before we adopted the T4 mobile plan.

As always, this is a free upgrade to all users and your existing data will be upgraded automatically. There’s no harm in starting with T3, as the overall concepts are the same, you’ll just be getting more new features when T4 rolls out.

If you’re attending WPPI 2014 in Las Vegas this week, stop by booth 1361 to see T4 in action and meet the team!

A long standing request from our Australian photography studios has been to support the inclusive GST tax used there. With our Australian members recently breaking up the three-way tie with our friends in Canada and the United Kingdom as our second largest national user base, it is high time for us to comply!

To set a tax as inclusive, you’ll need to head to the Taxes page in Settings. Since this setting would cause previous totals to be incorrect if applied to existing quotes and orders, it will only apply to newly edited quotes or order revisions (if you’re not familiar with order revisions, check out the eraser icon, the second icon at the top right of the order viewer, to create and view order revisions after booking).

Order Viewer showing Inclusive Taxes

This gets displayed much as you’d expect in Client Access, with the inclusive taxes coming after the order total. Here’s an example tax invoice printout generated from Client Access:

Order Printout with Inclusive Taxes

With this release we appear to be in full compliance with the ATO requirements for tax invoices and rounding. Their tax invoice examples show a separate column for per-item GST totals, instead of listing the total amount for the invoice as we do, but our reading of the requirements for sales over $1,000 (as laypersons in Australian taxation) support this approach.

Published as part of Release 2014.1 on January 21st.

We published Release 2013.11 over the weekend, as announced in the Táve Users Group on Facebook.

Payment Editor Refresh

Many of our portrait studios collect the first payment prior to package selection or even contracting while many of our event photographers receive tips that aren’t easily handled without revising the order. We’re addressing both scenarios with this release, as you can now record payments exceeding the job balance. The new Surplus allocation is a useful new addition to the payment editor.

The previous payment editor could be a bit tedious, so we’ve streamlined the whole process. You no longer have to select the invoice to apply a payment to, just the order (or even just the next balance due on the job). This means paying an unexpected amount, greater or less than an invoice amount, no longer requires using split payments or editing the invoices. You can still split payments between orders or between orders and surplus, but even that is far easier now.

New Payment Editor interface

We also made payments received via Client Access editable. Previously you could only edit certain details about electronic payments, but now all fields are always editable.

Payment Schedules

This release makes payment schedules much easier to use, as you’ll only ever need to set up payment rules when creating advanced schedules. We made the retainer a part of the payment schedule and added three built-in schedule types; One, Multiple, and Monthly. We recommend against using percentage-based retainers, as they may be seen as refundable deposits if challenged in some courts.

The three new built-in schedules work just as you’d expect. The One type will result in the entire balance being due upon booking. The Multiple type lets you specify a retainer and then a number of payments to split the balance between. The Monthly type creates monthly invoices from booking up until 30 days prior to the job date. The advanced Custom type has the traditional rules, though the retainer is no longer included there.

Updated Payment Schedule editor

As you may have noticed, we also added a third example to the payment schedule editor in Settings, so you can visualize the schedule applied to three very different orders.

Finally, we added a Restrictions field so you can restrict online payment to the first payment only, to only subsequent payments, or completely disable online payments for the schedule. We previously provided the less-flexible “Limit online payments to retainers only” option at the brand-level. Many studios outside of North America use this to limit exposure to the added cost of credit card fees after booking.

Payment Gateway Expenses

While a few payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe send us the credit card processing fee, most do not. For those gateways that don’t tell us the processing fee, the payment gateway setup now lets you specify a fixed amount and percentage to automatically create a processing fee expense.

For example; if you use Braintree, you know you’ll have a flat $0.30 plus 2.9% transaction fee. Once a client makes a payment using Braintree, an expense for $0.30 plus 2.9% of the transaction total will be created and applied to the job. If you use a variable rate gateway like Authorize.net you can use an average, but keep in mind that American Express or cross-border transactions may significantly increase the expense and your Profit & Loss report will be incorrect until you finalize the actual expense.


Upcoming Events

Jason and I will be at Imaging USA in Phoenix, Arizona, this January. Come visit us in booth 1633 at one of the two International Print Competition entrances. We’re also attending WPPI in Las Vegas this March (booth 1361, across from Kelly Moore).

Tave is attending ImagingUSA and WPPI

We look forward to seeing you!

We’re proud to announce that you can now link your Táve account to ShootProof with Release 2013.9.

ShootProof empowers photographers to share, sell and print products online with no commission fees on their sales. Photographers control their own products, pricing, digital download options and print lab for each gallery. ShootProof simplifies the proofing, buying and fulfillment process. Integrated print fulfillment is also available with Bay Photo, Black River Imaging, ProDPI and The Lab Works or you can use any outside lab. Their users rave about ShootProof as much as we do.

Book more clients with ShootProof Mobile Apps by easily creating a custom app for each client to help them experience their sessions and drive referral business to your studio.

A 14-day free trial is available to any plan. Enter promo code: TAVE19 for 20% off your first year! Coupon Code is valid until the end of 2020.

See sample galleries and learn more at ShootProof.com

After creating your ShootProof account, read about setting up integration here.