2018 in Review 🎉

Not too different from yourself, we kept busy in 2018. With improvements to quality of life and some of our partnerships, there’s a lot that happened! Here’s a recap in case you missed anything.

Webinars and Team Hangouts

Webinars 🎥

With version 2.0 of our webinars, we’re dedicated to helping new users and existing users alike get up and running in Táve. For new users, we have our ‘Introduction to Táve’ and ‘Getting Started in Táve’ webinars, covering the basics of how Táve can help organize a business, and covering our getting started checklist so you can get clients booked in Táve. These webinars are both hosted weekly, and you can register for them by clicking on ‘Support’ inside of your account.

Team Hangouts 👨🏼‍🏫

In addition to our webinars, we’ve added in weekly team hangouts that can be joined from our Facebook User Group. These hangouts are open, so you can click the link, join, and we can talk about whatever you’d like! They’re a great place to ask a quick question, suggest something, or just talk shop!

Client Access Updates 🎨

PDF Printouts for Quotes, Orders, and Invoices

Manually saving and sending over a PDF for a client is officially in the past. Now if you want a client to see their entire order or want them to have a printable PDF of their invoice, you can.

Branding Updates

The look of a new brand should feel awesome right away, but we also updated a lot of back end CSS to bring older portions of Táve up to date.

Quote Updates

In addition to updating branding as a whole, we updated the look and feel of quotes, including the payment schedule and optional items. Booking clients in Táve should feel better than ever!

Organizational Improvements

Full Time Zone Support 🕐

Running a powerful business means you may hop a time zone or two. In additions to time zones now being automatically set based on the event location, you can also set default ones for every user on your account.

Better Calendar Feeds 📆

Calendar feeds can now be created with powerful filters. This means you can create calendar feeds just for certain brands, job types, attendees, or all of the above.

Job Templates 🎛

Your job type templates can now be reordered in your account, and creating them is easier than ever.


Quality of Life Changes 🙌

Quick Modals for Easier Setup

Modals (pop up windows) have been added into many places in Táve, removing the need for you to leave a page in the flow of setup. Check them out on your job types, lead status, job worksheet and more.

Updated Job Overview Page

The job overview screen can now be customized via drag and drop, allowing different layouts per user. We’ve also added an Agenda widget to this overview so you can preview the schedule for the job a little bit quicker.

Other 2018 Changes Include

  • You can now pass along a Credit Card Surcharge using our Square integration.
  • Transactions using our Square integration will create an entry in the Square Customer Directory.
  • Addition of Early Access Betas for new and upcoming features.
  • Full GDPR Compliance to ensure our compliance when interacting with any clients you have from the EU.
  • Táve will match new leads to existing contacts in your address book based on email address, first and last name.
  • You can now duplicate Email Templates.
  • You now have a sidebar section just for your invoices.
  • You now have a brand new Support menu with links to upcoming webinars, updated support content, and a lot more.
  • Over 400 other updates, bug fixes, tweaks, improvements, and hidden Taco Bell gift cards in the source code (maybe, maybe not, maybe we just want to know if you’re still reading this).

If you want to see more changes from 2018, you can always visit the changelog.

Guide to Running Your Own Business While Working Another Job

If there’s one thing any creative professional knows, it’s that there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Instead, it takes years of practicing, experimenting, trying, failing and trying again as you hone your craft, and that’s all before you even have the necessary chops to start your own business. Even once that happens, it takes years to build the reputation, clientele and experience required to quit your day job and pursue your creative venture full-time. So what’s the artistic hopeful to do in the meantime?

For most people, the answer is working multiple jobs. Creative professionals around the world spend their days in offices, boardrooms and business meetings, only to rush home to spend the evenings and weekends working their second job.

How can a creative professional find the time to do this and make their lives a little easier on themselves? That’s what we’re here to talk about today. We want to go over some tips for starting a business on the side, balancing two jobs and maintaining your passion even through the busiest seasons.

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Online Marketing Starter GuideIt all starts with an idea — something that’s unique to you. Maybe you’re a photographer. An artist. A designer. A writer. A makeup artist. These distinctions don’t matter when it comes to the actual business side of things. What matters is that you’re a creator. You’ve created something special, and now you want to share it with the world.

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We’re adding a new way for users to try out next-generation features directly in their account.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be introducing certain features on an opt-in basis for those users who love trying new features and providing feedback. Our goal is to release certain features on an opt-in basis to provide a more focused approach to feedback and refinement before general release.

While we’re not announcing any specific public betas today, you can opt-in to notifications so that you’ll be alerted when one becomes available.

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If you are a photographer, florist, event planner or hair stylist, you have many tasks that need to be completed every day. From sending emails to scheduling appointments and events, there are many tasks you need to manage on top of your actual service. With so much to do, you may be wondering how you can stay organized.

Taking steps to stay organized will improve your efficiency and allow you to get more done. Here are four organization tips for creative business owners.

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Managing a small business means you’re in charge of many unique tasks. Investing in a system to help you accomplish your everyday tasks can help you save time and money in the long run.

What Is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. A CRM is a system or application that allows you to consolidate all your customer information into one location. Tracking the last interaction you had with a client is easy when you use a CRM system.

With a management system, you don’t have to worry about losing information about a client or being unable to locate information from your last phone call with them. A CRM puts all of your client information at your fingertips.

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Nothing is worse than wasting time on a task that you could have completed much faster — or one that you could have automated. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common tasks that you can start saving time doing with productivity hacks and automation tools.

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If you have a photography business, you have probably struggled with finding new clients. Whether your business is new or you’re looking to grow, finding new photography clients can be tough. No matter what city or market you’re in, the following six tips can help you get new clients for your photography business.

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Managing client expectations is a crucial skill to develop if you operate a creative business, such as a photography or event planning company. Ensuring your customers are happy should be a top priority for your business. When you deliver excellent customer service, it will be easier for you to gain new customers. Clients that have a great experience working with you will be more likely to write reviews or share with their friends. As you deliver exceptional customer service, you will see an increase in brand loyalty.

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