One of the top wedding and commercial photographers in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dave Shay, is an ambassador for MagMod, and former technician for Leica and FujiFilm. He spends his time when not working for Dave Shay Photography or Táve teaching photographers how to build better systems for their businesses.  dave shay magmod fireworks bride

Images courtesy of Dave Shay Photography

Continuous Growth Happens on Purpose

Running a business is hard and, while a lot of people see growth early go quickly, anyone that’s been doing this for a while will know that continued growth takes work. In order to keep your business growing this year, here are a few easy steps you can take.

1: Offering Up-Sells at Booking

At the time of booking, a lot of clients will have never worked with you before, and won’t know all the products and services you offer. Adding optional items into a quote at the time of booking makes this a great way for them to see what you offer, as well as what to expect after the wedding.

2: Check Your Reports

Every year will always be different, but the three questions I like to know going into a new year are:

Where are my leads coming from?

When are my leads booking?

Which products are my most successful?

Most modern CRMs, like Táve, should have reporting built in. Using these reporting functions to answer these questions help you make incredibly powerful decisions about growing your business.

“You have to know your business to grow your business.”

3: Deliver a Consistent Client Experience

Crushing your goals in 2019 is great, but you have to think about 2020 as well. You want to make sure your word of mouth referrals are solid, and the best way to do that is to make sure this year’s clients are as happy as they can be. Setting up systems and starting the year fresh are essential to making sure your business stays organized and it’s one of the best ways to make more money, even if it doesn’t seem like it right away. No one promotes your business better than a satisfied client.

Wrap Up

The new year is a great time to learn from your mistakes, make goals for the future, and most importantly, get to work. What made you the most money in 2018? How are you going to do better in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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You can learn more about Raleigh Wedding Photographer Dave Shay at or on his instagram @daveshay.

The wedding photography busy season is a thrilling part of the year for you as a photographer. You get to do what you love and work with clients who are perfect for your business. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful time, especially with piling tasks and increasing demands. And even with an endless to-do list, weddings to shoot, and products to fulfill, you still have a photography business to run.

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Tax time is frustrating and scary for lots of people, especially if you’re self-employed or have a side-hustle—but it doesn’t have to be. We spoke to our friends over at about how to prepare for tax season throughout the year so it goes smoothly.

Here are the three main scenarios and how to avoid them next year: owing money on tax day, you extended your return, and feeling frustrated.

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Why should I use email templates in my business?

As you continue to grow your business and book new clients, you also receive an increase in your workload and tasks that must be completed. One of the tasks that takes much of your time is email communication.

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Not much more than a year ago I was not a Táve user. I was swimming in paper, operating off of 3 calenders, a separate task list and a folder in my inbox full of correspondence from clients in no real order. My orders came in through one source, I fulfilled them in another software program, then imported them into a 3rd program. Inevitably the order would import under the wrong price list and I would have to figure out how to go back and edit it, painfully. If I had been meticulous in my checking of boxes in my multitude of programs I might have been able to keep some semblance of organization.

I am not meticulous. I have more ideas running in my brain than outlets for them. I would have had a separate task list to remind me to reset every software program with the correct workflow status for every order.

I noticed something different this summer. Now that my workflow is flowing, and everything is tracked in Táve I spend less time doing icky business stuff. I use ProSelect to process my orders, then I import into Táve, and right there I can assign it to the correct client, the correct job, and fix the pricing errors that I made (cuz I make errors sometimes). I send my order, create a task so I can see in my task list that it’s in process, and wait for my order to arrive. Cool part is that those are just some of the features that Táve has condensed into one program for me, and there are many more programs from which you can import orders, and to which you can export data.

Then I sit at my desk wondering what I have forgotten to do. Nothing. I just spend less time on each task, and I don’t forget things. It’s hard to believe. Well not that hard to believe since my task list, calendar, and upcoming jobs are all right on my homepage.

Carli Morgan is a wedding and portrait photographer (and Táve user) from Fresno, Ca. She loves finding and sharing new stuff with her fellow photographers and she is joining Táve’s blog to do just that.

There are a bazillion reasons why I love Táve, and eventually I’ll share them all with you, but one of my favorite things is that it’s helping me “go green.”  A lot of people will sneer at that, but for me being green isn’t a marketing angle.  It’s how I was raised, and it’s how I live my life.  I’ve got solar panels on my house, I recycle or reuse anything I can, and I try not to waste.  Before Táve I swam in paper.  Notes to myself, phone messages, client records were stacked all over my office.  Táve allows me to store most of that in that big beautiful cloud.  My contracts are signed and stored digitally, I can add any kind of note you can imagine to the clients’ files, I can forward email correspondence directly to my client files so I have records of what I told who and when.  The best part is that I can actually FIND the information when I go looking for it.

Not only have I decreased my paper usage, my ink usage, my trash output and my storage space needs, I am also reducing my own and my client’s carbon footprint, by using the client access system.  A new client used to mean a consultation in my home, then after their decision was made, another trip back to my house to sign paperwork and pay the deposit.  Now I send them quotes online before we meet, so they can see the system, meet with them, and explain how they can use the online system.  They go home, log in, pick their package, sign their contract, make their payment and they don’t have to make another trip.  May not sound like a lot of savings, but if each photographer saves one trip per client per year that’s a lot of gas and emissions we are eliminating.  I now email my clients their statement with a link to the client access and all of their payments can be made online.

We’d love to hear from those of you have used Táve to “go green” and what changes it has made for you on that front.

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