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Táve Studio Manager is rather versatile, allowing you to use it in whatever way you find best for your needs.  This tutorial is meant to highlight the workflow that we design around.

We’ll review some of the basic terminology used in Táve Studio Manager and then proceed through the process of entering a lead, adding events and quotes, booking the job, and then working through completion of the job.

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As we’ve been working and adding studios to the limited beta of Táve Studio Manager, we find ourselves commonly asking “Are we there yet?” like we’re in the back seat of a station wagon on the way to Disney World.   

Are we ready for the first public version, what programmers often refer to as General Availability?   Are we ready to open it up to anybody who wants an account, instantly when they register?

The answer is now, “Almost!”  

Okay, that’s not as exciting as “Yes! Let’s go live now!”, but we’re getting there and I think you’ll love what we’ve done so far (and this is just the start of the journey…. we have so many ideas we look forward to implementing for you).

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Now that we’re back from the WPPI expo in Las Vegas, we’re hard at work preparing for our free beta which we’ll be opening up to select studios who request the beta.

We heard so many great ideas at the show and decided some of them are just too cool to wait for a later version, so we’re adding them to Version 1!

As Jason and I work to implement the new features, we’re going to open the system up to the early adopters out there as a free “beta” program.   This is a great way to not only start managing your business right away, but also to get in on the ground floor and help shape the direction of Táve Studio Manager.   Sort of like having your own engineering team working for you!

As always, we believe its your data and we’re just making it easier for you to use and manage it, so you can export your data at any time, even when you’re prompted to subscribe at the end of the beta.

If you’d like an invitation to our free beta program, just join our mailing list.

WPPI has come to a close… WOW!! What an amazing experience. It was so great to meet all of you, especially all of our new clients. We are thrilled about how excited everybody is about Táve Studio Manager!

If you just joined, expect to get a call from me in the next few days as we settle back into the office.

If you’re attending WPPI, be sure to come by our booth and pre-order Táve Studio Manager: Home Edition!

If you pre-order one year or more, you will receive a special rate of only $20 per month.

This special is ONLY available during WPPI, so be sure to come check us out! Our normal price is $25/month, so this is a great savings!

As always there is still no setup fee!!!

Adrian, Jason, and I are gearing up for an exciting couple of days at the WPPI Expo and Trade Show! We are super excited to show off our application, which is really going to do AMAZING things for you and your business at an amazing rate of only $25 per month.

The best thing about Táve Studio Manager, for me as a user, is that I can keep track of all of my clients and check up on information about their wedding or portrait session from anywhere, without ever having to refer to their client folder in the filing cabinet. Plus, I can organize of my favorite (or not so favorite) vendors and wedding professionals and easily refer to my notes about their services to stay on top of my networking. Adrian and Jason have built a very fast web application, so I can very quickly access data whenever I want.

Stop by our Bally’s Venue Booth right next to WHCC and Simply Canvas near the lecture rooms! We’ll be giving out some classic Las Vegas BLING to remind you of all the shiny things you’ll be able to buy when our application helps you make even more money. We all know that conventions are all about the cool stuff you get to take home with you, so don’t forget to come by our booth and pick up a fun gift… you just have to watch a demo to get it!

In just a few weeks, come see Táve Studio Manager in action, whether you’re just starting your photography business or already have a large studio, at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International 2008 Expo in Las Vegas, March 16th – 19th.

We’re located at the more intimate Bally’s venue next to the lecture halls, instead of the overwhelming main show floor.   When you walk into the venue booths area, look for us right past WHCC and Simply Canvas as you walk in the room.