New Features | Accounts Payable and Accrual Reporting for Sales Tax Liability

Accounts Payable has arrived!

Updates with this release:

  • Expenses can now have a payee.

  • You can now specify an expense payee, category, and due date on the product editor.

  • When a quote is booked, expenses will be scheduled for the purchased products.
  • There is now a list of upcoming payments on the job’s Financials page (previously called “Income and Expenses”).
  • You can post and inline edit any upcoming payment directly on the job’s Financials page.

  • We’ve added the Financials page to address book profiles, allowing you to log expenses, record payment, or edit credit at the contact level with or without a job.

  • The Financials page has been made much more mobile friendly.
  • We added three new reports: A/P Ledger, A/P Aging, and A/R Aging.
  • The chart on the Reports homepage now includes expenses and has a cash flow line.

  • There is a new Accounts Payable widget on the dashboard so you can get a quick list of upcoming expenses.

  • The Sales Tax Liability Report now allows you to customize when revenue is recognized. In addition to the previous “upon receipt” cash-basis method supported before, you can select to have revenue recognized for tax purposes when the job is marked as completed, when the job enters fulfillment, on the event date, upon booking, or on the order’s “Sold At” date.
  • The Job Types and Lead Sources booking trend report now includes a new chart so you can compare your leads vs booked jobs in any given time period.

New Features | Contact Tagging, Filters, Customizable Sidebars

Táve just got even more powerful. This is Organization 2.0.

We’re excited to announce the launch a completely new way to organize your business in Táve.

Check out the overview video below or head over to our brand new Support section called Organization.


What’s in this update?

  • Contact Tagging – label your contacts in your address book with relevant tags. Select from existing tags or create your own.
  • Filterable Lists and Reports – Filter your Address Book, Agenda, Leads, Jobs, Quotes and Orders list to find exactly what you need.
  • Customizable Sidebar Items – Save your filtered lists to the sidebar.
  • Customize Visible Columns – Adjust which columns appear in your lists. Add powerful action columns.
  • Export CSV – Export your filtered lists to CSV. You can export only visible columns or all columns.

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Free Email Templates from ShootDotEdit


As a photography business owner, a large chunk of your time is spent in front of a computer. During that time, you might be working on adding your signature touch to images, updating your blog, and of course, answering emails.

Much of your communication with your clients happens through email, which can be time-consuming and often becomes a bottleneck. Rather than sitting in front of the computer composing similar messages to each of your clients, it is crucial that you find a way to streamline the email process.

Introducing, Email Templates for Wedding Photographers!

We’ve teamed up with ShootDotEdit to bring you free email templates that allow you to quickly create and send necessary automated messages to your clients, decreasing the amount of time you spend behind the computer!

These go hand-in-hand with Táve’s Quick Responses. Just go to Settings › Quick Responses and copy over these new templates to use right away!

These Email Templates provide you with:

– Simple ways to connect with clients during pre-booking
– Quick solutions to finalize pre-wedding details
– Access to immediate album and post-client communication
– BONUS: Additional templates for portrait sessions and headshots

Download the templates today!

Not yet a Táve user? Want to check out Táve to see how it can change your business? Use the following coupon code just for ShootDotEdit users to get 20% off your month-to-month subscription for the first year*: SHOOTDOTEDIT20

*New users only

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2015

Valid November 27-30 only, enjoy up to 60% off Táve by prepaying for your subscription during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale.

Táve subscriptions are now available in annual prepaid licenses. Reduce your effective monthly subscription fee by prepaying 1, 2, 5 or 10 year licenses. The more years you prepay, the more you save in the long run.

To take advantage of these savings, log into your account and go to Settings › Manage Subscription. You’ll be able to see the new annual license plans and the savings each brings you.

*If you have a legacy Táve subscription, you’ll need to upgrade to a new plan in order to prepay for any of the new annual licenses. You can however continue with your legacy plan on a month-to-month basis only.

**Black Friday / Cyber Monday discounts are available starting November 27 at 12am Eastern Standard Time and end November 30 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

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New Feature | Scheduled Emails

Email scheduling is here!

With this latest update, Táve now gives you the ability to schedule your emails to send at a later time and date. Maybe you’re a night owl who composes emails in the middle of the night or you want to send an email at the ideal time to make sure it’s read. Email scheduling now gives you the flexibility to have emails go out when you need them to go out.

It’s simple too! When composing a new email message there are now four options for when to send:

  • Immediately 
  • In 5 minutes – great if you want your message to not feel too much like a canned response that was sent immediately
  • At 8am – Sends at the start of the business day.
  • At a specific time – You set the date and time!

That’s it! Your message will be marked as ‘Scheduled’ awaiting the moment it’s set to send. You can hover over the schedule tag to see what time it’s scheduled for. You can also edit the message any time before it’s scheduled.

Dashboard Widget and Outbox

All of your scheduled emails will appear in the new dashboard widget so you can quickly see which emails are ready to go out and when.

Click the ‘View’ button to be taken to the email to change its content or scheduled time or click on the ‘All Scheduled Mail’ button to go to the outbox to see all emails you have set to send. Quick tip: You can configure how many scheduled emails appear in the widget by going to the ‘Configure Dashboard’ section of the home page. 

Scheduled Emails in Automations

In addition to being able to schedule a normal email to go out at a later time, you can now set a delay for automation emails.

Using the ‘Send Email’ automation action, you can set it so the email goes out immediately when the automation executes, waits however many minutes you specify, or doesn’t send at all but saves the message as a draft so that you can review it before sending.

You can now build a personal auto-responder that doesn’t feel too automatic. Set up a new automation that is observing whenever a new lead is created. Add the condition to make sure that’s it’s a web lead that comes through your contact form (not one you created manually from the dashboard). Then set the ‘Send Email’ action to send the message 5 minutes after the lead is created. Voila! A quick response that doesn’t feel like it’s so immediate it must have been automated.


Quotes & Orders | Webinar Rebroadcast

Thank you to everyone who joined us at this afternoon’s webinar covering Quotes & Orders. Below you’ll find the rebroadcast in case you missed it live as well as the user questions that were asked during the webinar. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support if you have any questions! We’re here to help.

User Questions:

Any way to export a PDF of a quote or invoice?

Demonstrated in the video. You’ll go to the specific order and use the print option and save it as a PDF.

I have a question about the Album Collection order you just showed, the options on the side (Additional Spreads, Cover Photo, etc), are those filled in by the client when they receive the Order email?

Not currently but it’s something that’s planned for a future update. There is some groundwork that needs to be laid before that happens.

How do you get to the manual booking screen?

When you’re building or adding a quote to a lead, there is a manual booking button on the upper right of the screen.

What is ProSelect?

ProSelect is a photography sales solution for in-person proofing.
You can learn more about our integration with them here.

New Feature | Editable Quote Templates and Product Add-ons

You should have received an email from us recently about an hour scheduled maintenance window planned for this coming Saturday, September 12. This update will bring a lot of long requested changes to the app and we couldn’t be more excited. As a reminder, here’s the time frame for the maintenance window:

Scheduled Maintenance Window

Saturday, September 12, 2015 for 1 Hour

7pm PST / 8pm MST / 9pm CST / 10pm EST

For our friends in the UK and Australia region that’s
Sunday, September 13, 2015 3am and 12pm respectively.

During the update, you will not be able to access the main app. You will, however, have full read-only access to your account through

This update encompasses quite a bit involving Quotes and Orders. Here’s a run down of what is changing:

  • Quotes and Proposals as they exist now are becoming what we call Standard and Advanced Quotes. We no long use the terminology ‘Proposal’ but the exact same functionality is there as an ‘Advanced Quote.
  • Standard Quotes simplify the booking process quite a bit by allowing you to add products or packages to a quote, set ONE payment schedule, ONE questionnaire, and/or ONE contract as part of the booking process. You can read more about building a Standard Quote here on the new support site.
  • Advanced Quotes encompass the exact same structure as current ‘Proposals’ do. They allow you to add several quote groups for your clients to choose from and add one or more payment schedule, questionnaire, or contract to be included during booking. You can read more about building an Advanced Quote here on the new support site.
  • Both Standard Quotes and Advanced Quotes can be built in Settings to be reused as much as you’d like on a job.
  • Because of the above changes, we have bulk updated your quick response templates, custom field tokens, automations, workflows, and lead statuses to replace the word ‘Proposal’ with ‘Quote’.
  • If you start creating a Standard Quote and you realize you need it to be an Advanced Quote, you can easily convert between them with the convert button.

If you have saved quote and proposal templates, we have moved those to the new quote editors in settings and you’ll find that you can now edit them at will.

  • Quotes & Orders now exist on the same tab on a lead or job. In general, you’ll send a quote to a client whom you want to go through the booking process and you’ll create an order for a client whom you want to book the products or services directly.
  • If you create an order that’s booked directly, you can still send the client a questionnaire and contract (new with this update).

Products and packages will have a new option associated with them. When building a quote in Settings as a template or directly on a job, you can make a package or product required, suggested or optional.

  • Required – These items are required in order to book the quote.
  • Suggested – These items are not required but they are included in the quote by default. The client can remove them when booking.
  • Optional – These items are presented in a separate list below the quote. The client can change the quantity of the items, then add them to the quote.


Completely Revamped Support Site

Táve Studio Manager is highly customizable and extremely powerful but sometimes that means that learning the system can be challenging.

Many of the features which make Táve so powerful are also interconnected. This means it’s not always clear in which order you should set up your account. We’ve heard the feedback about not knowing where to start and we listened.

We are proud and excited to present a completely revamped support site to make set up more straight forward, teach you the general flow of jobs in Táve, and help you dive into the more powerful features of app.


The model for the new support site is based on linear learning. A getting started page (including a printable check list) lays the foundation of setting up an account. With this foundation laid, you’ll be ready to go when starting to work with actual clients.

The getting started page then moves you to learning about Leads (the stage in which all jobs start in Táve). Once you’ve mastered turning leads into booked Jobs, you’ll learn about all of the powerful things you can do with Táve including Workflows, Automations, and Administration.

While the new support site covers a good majority of the system, don’t hesitate to let us know if you feel like there’s an article or explanation missing. We’ll be continuously refining and adding content to better serve you.

As always, we are available for support sessions or quick questions simply by messaging us through the help menu from inside the app.

Happy learning!

VP of Product

Welcome Nicole Klym, Lead Customer Service Rep

Nicole Klym HeadshotWe’re excited to announce that Nicole Klym has officially joined the team full time!

You all probably know her well from her speedy and cheerful responses to FB and in-app support messages. What you probably don’t know is that Nicole only signed up for Táve a little over a year ago.

It was clear quickly that she was a fast learner and very dedicated to providing help to other users. Not too long after joining Táve, she was asked to join the support team. And she has rocked it!

Her experience using Táve in her own business, Nicole Klym Photography, gives her the upper hand in working with users to fully take advantage of the app and use creative methods to solve problems.

Give her a warm welcome! We’re thrilled to have her on board as a fantastic asset to #TeamTáve.




New Feature | Powerful Lead Tracking

We’re excited to announce an awesome improvement to tracking leads in Táve. Lead statuses make keeping track of where in the sales process you are with leads a piece of cake.

You can set your own custom statuses to work perfectly for your lead tracking workflow. Not only can you have custom statuses, but the lists themselves are extremely powerful. You can set your leads to change status automatically after a given amount of time. A few highlights:

  • Default lead statuses to get you started
  • Ability to add custom lead statuses and edit any existing ones
  • All new lead status lists in main menu Leads section
  • Powerful Automatic Lead Status changes
  • Built in automations for Stale leads

Check out this short video to learn more about the new features: