Most of the past month has been spent polishing up Táve 4 while improving our tutorials and documentation, including our new Webinar series (our next webinar is tonight!). As we continue that process, we’re pleased to announce an exciting new feature that makes it easier than ever to get a birds-eye view of where your jobs and deliverables stand:

Workflow Task Progression ReportWorkflow Progress by Task

As you can see from the example report above, your jobs move through their workflow in a “waterfall” fashion, starting at the top left and slowly working towards the bottom right. All of the tasks you create in your workflow are listed in these new reports. Hovering your mouse over each block shows a tooltip with additional details about the task, including it’s due date.

We have another version of this report that lists all of your open deliverables, grouped by their workflow:

Deliverable Task ProgressionDeliverable Progress by Task

Another great way to use the deliverable progress report is if you have a seasonal product with tight deadlines, such as holiday cards or graduation photos, so you can easily group them together in one simple report and track the status of each and every one.

If you’re wondering what the colors on the left mean, that’s the event type color of the primary session on the job, as Táve 4 now lets you color code every type of event.

Stay tuned, as we have more great features on the way, and have a happy holiday season!


Perhaps the most visible change in last week’s Táve 2.8.0 release, and even more so with yesterday’s release of 2.8.1, is the completely revamped Deliverables section of the job viewer.

Prior to this release, we showed all tasks for a deliverable in two places in the job viewer; collapsed under each deliverable and also in the general task list. The idea behind it was you’d want to see all of your tasks for a job in one place and yet be able to dig into the individual progress of a deliverable. In reality, it meant that the task list would often get too cluttered to be usable and downright confusing if the same task was created for different items.

Here’s an example of the Tasks and Deliverables sections prior to 2.8.0, courtesy of Karen Lisa:

Now with 2.8, your general task list for a job is limited to tasks you create manually and tasks created when non-deliverable products are ordered.

Here’s a look at at the same deliverables and tasks above in 2.8.1 (Karen has delivered some of the items since the screenshot above was taken):

You’ll notice that we now group the deliverables by order and include a handy progress meter. In this case, Karen has 3 orders with deliverables booked for this job.

To make it easier to see what tasks are coming up next for an order, we show the next task for each deliverable even when collapsed.  Click on the deliverable name and it expands to show all tasks and even the item configuration:

The “next task” is based on the task order, so you can always drag and drop the tasks into a new order by grabbing the dotted grips on the left side of the tasks (any time you see those dotted grips in Táve it means you can drag the item using it).