A long standing request from our Australian photography studios has been to support the inclusive GST tax used there. With our Australian members recently breaking up the three-way tie with our friends in Canada and the United Kingdom as our second largest national user base, it is high time for us to comply!

To set a tax as inclusive, you’ll need to head to the Taxes page in Settings. Since this setting would cause previous totals to be incorrect if applied to existing quotes and orders, it will only apply to newly edited quotes or order revisions (if you’re not familiar with order revisions, check out the eraser icon, the second icon at the top right of the order viewer, to create and view order revisions after booking).

Order Viewer showing Inclusive Taxes

This gets displayed much as you’d expect in Client Access, with the inclusive taxes coming after the order total. Here’s an example tax invoice printout generated from Client Access:

Order Printout with Inclusive Taxes

With this release we appear to be in full compliance with the ATO requirements for tax invoices and rounding. Their tax invoice examples show a separate column for per-item GST totals, instead of listing the total amount for the invoice as we do, but our reading of the requirements for sales over $1,000 (as laypersons in Australian taxation) support this approach.

Published as part of Release 2014.1 on January 21st.