As many of you know from joining us in our public chatroom, we’ve been burning the midnight oil on some truly epic features. While we still have a a bit to go on those features, we’ve started to publish some of the more isolated updates from that release and they deserve a blog post.

New CSV and vCard contact importers

Besides helping new users get up and running quickly, these new importers are great for adding new contacts from trade shows or promotions outside the application. If you have a file to upload, just head on over to Settings and click on Imports in the bottom row of icons.

Contact import uploader

It’s also an interesting way to update your existing contacts as you can export your contacts from the contact lists, make changes with any spreadsheet editor, and then re-import them back into Táve using this new tool.

Another great use of this is importing contacts from your phone! In iOS, just pull up a contact and click on the Share Contact button and email it to the contact importer email address.

You’ll want to download the vCard for your importer address by going to Settings in Táve, clicking on the Email Integration link (next to the Imports link you clicked on above), and then clicking on the “Email vCards to Phone” button. Now just check the email associated with your user account and add the vCard to your phone’s address book.

Sharing a contact from iOS

Stay current with our new in-app Release Notes

One of the most common questions we get in our public chatroom is “released anything new lately?” Now you can find the answer even when we’re not around by clicking on the Release Notes link in the Support menu.

new Táve release notes

As you’ll see from reading over the release notes, we’ve published a number of notable updates that we haven’t blogged about. For instance, the new Primary Session concept and a handful of useful new placeholders for them in emails and contracts, PayJunction has been added to the supported gateway list, the Sales Order and Contract printouts have been dramatically improved, and lots of other updates worth reading over.

We expect to keep publishing frequent small updates like these while working on the massive new updates in parellel, so keep an eye on the blog and the release notes to stay in-the-know.

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of many exciting new importers, some export tweaks, and other useful updates in Táve 2.8.0. Most of these updates can be accessed via the yellow Data Administration box in Settings.

Flosites Integration

If you’re lucky enough to have one of those sexy Flosites, then it just got even better, as we’re proud to announce that Flosites has added support for your contact form to create new leads directly inside of Táve.

Learn more on about setting up your Flosites website by clicking on the “Flosites Integration” link in your Táve settings.

RedCart Order Integration

We’re expanding our RedCart integration to now automatically queue up any orders made through your RedCart proofing website for import into Táve.

Our RedCart Order Importer will help you match up each product to your advanced Táve product configuration, add costs, and record a payment.  We’ll even record any custom cropping as part of the deliverable configuration so you have it handy from inside Táve.

Besides creating a sales order for your client, you can optionally import it as a sales receipt for a subject or other contact, which will keep it from showing up in your Client’s Client Access portal.

If you’re selling sessions from your RedCart, you can also create and book a new job based on the order.  When you go this route, we’ll create a sales order rather than just a sales receipt, letting you send them to your Client Access portal to sign a contract, make additional payments, etc.

ProSelect Order Imports

If you use the ProSelect presentation software to increase your presentation sales, it’s time to upgrade! Time Exposure has just released version 2010r1 with a new “Standard XML for Web” export format (older versions will still import but lack some of the new features).

We’ve been working with Time Exposure to enhance their existing exports to do exciting new things like add image previews to the export.  They’ve answered with a great new export just for you.  Once you have the file exported, head on over to Settings and click on the ProSelect Orders link, where you can now upload the XML file. We’ll help you quickly create a new sales receipt, complete with image previews, that will help you fullfil the sale promptly and accurately.

We’re quite excited to be the first web-based studio management system to accept ProSelect orders and it’s just the first of many improvements we’re making for portrait studios.

Custom Imports

We’ve always provided a free manual import to studios who purchase an annual or lifetime subscription, but now all studios can import their data on their own with our new vCard & CSV import tool.  So get started with your contacts in Táve from the moment you sign up to really experience Táve.
*Available soon.

New Lead API

Some of you have noticed the new “Webservices Integration” box in your studio settings and wondered what that was for.  There are several uses for this, the newest one being our “New Lead API”, which you can learn more about in Settings by clicking the “New Lead API” link in the yellow box under Integrations.

We’ll be expanding this even more as we go, so if you have some suggestions let us know!

2.8.0 Release Notes

In addition to the above features, this release includes:

  • We’re now automatically creating expenses for PayPal merchant fees for Client Access payments.
  • Deliverables are now grouped by the sale it was created for.
  • Deliverables can now be clicked to instantly view the configuration of the ordered item.
  • Tasks for deliverables are no longer included in the Job’s general task list.
  • You can now mark an entire order as delivered with one click.
  • Tax rates and names are now being saved with each order so that they remain unaffected by changes to your tax setup.
  • Added {{}} to the contract editor to automatically enter the current date (until signed).
  • Making it clear when a job needs a date in order to create the list of available payments for Client Access.
  • No longer waiting for all items on a page to load before fetching the content in Client Access.
  • You can now print receipts for your subscription payments from the subscription manager.
  • The navigation now stays on-screen as you scroll down long pages.
  • Fixed issue where “Unavailable” time was always listed as an all-day event.
  • The sunrise / sunset link in the event editor now changes based on your locale, with new pages for studios from Australia, Canada, and Great Britain as well as a new world-times link for other locales.
  • The sunrise / sunset link in the event editor now changes based on the event start date for US, CA, and GB locales and the studio city and state are sent for US studios.
  • The “” web service has been merged into the main “” web service endpoint, the old URLs (for calendar feeds, exports, etc) will continue to work but you should update your links when possible.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.