We’re proud to announce that you can now link your Táve account to ShootProof with Release 2013.9.

ShootProof empowers photographers to share, sell and print products online with no commission fees on their sales. Photographers control their own products, pricing, digital download options and print lab for each gallery. ShootProof simplifies the proofing, buying and fulfillment process. Integrated print fulfillment is also available with Bay Photo, Black River Imaging, ProDPI and The Lab Works or you can use any outside lab. Their users rave about ShootProof as much as we do.

Book more clients with ShootProof Mobile Apps by easily creating a custom app for each client to help them experience their sessions and drive referral business to your studio.

A 14-day free trial is available to any plan. Enter promo code: TAVE19 for 20% off your first year! Coupon Code is valid until the end of 2020.

See sample galleries and learn more at

After creating your ShootProof account, read about setting up integration here.

If you’re using Google Checkout with your Táve account, you’ll need to find an alternative online credit card processor before Google Checkout closes on November 20th. We recommend switching as soon as possible to avoid any interruption to your business.

We use Braintree for our subscription system and recommend them, as they don’t charge any setup or monthly fees and have a low 2.9% + 30¢ fixed rate (even for American Express cards). Be aware that they were acquired by PayPal last week, so their reputation for amazing support, speedy services, and data portability may well fade in time.

We currently support the following payment gateways:

  • Bank of America
  • Beanstream
  • Braintree
  • Merchant Warehouse
  • PayPal Standard
  • Stripe
  • WorldPay

Contact information and tips can be found on the Payment Gateways setup page, just click to add credit card support and select the gateway you’re interested in.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve published support for 6 more payment gateways. In fact, several studios have already set up and started using these new payment gateways. The list of new payment gateways includes Bank of America, Beanstream, Braintree, Merchant Warehouse, Stripe, and WorldPay.


2013-7 New Payment Gateways

Have another gateway you’d love to see added? Please let us know (besides Square that is, as they unfortunately don’t provide a third-party API, as they note here). While I’m now switching gears to join in on Adrian’s next major release, the framework is in place to easily add additional payment gateways outside of our standard release roadmap.

To utilize one of these new payment gateways or to get contact information for priority registration, head over to the Settings section and visit the Payment Gateways page.  Add the credit card option at the bottom of the list and then select the gateway you want to use:

Payment Gateways section of Settings.


One last thing: For those of you using Google Checkout, don’t forget that the service joins the frustratingly vast ranks of beloved yet retired Google services soon, so you will need to switch to another payment provider by November 30th, 2013. They suggest Braintree, which offers a simple flat rate fee structure without maintenance fees or minimums and supports merchants located in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Braintree also happens to be the gateway we use to manage all subscriptions inside Táve.

As many of you know from joining us in our public chatroom, we’ve been burning the midnight oil on some truly epic features. While we still have a a bit to go on those features, we’ve started to publish some of the more isolated updates from that release and they deserve a blog post.

New CSV and vCard contact importers

Besides helping new users get up and running quickly, these new importers are great for adding new contacts from trade shows or promotions outside the application. If you have a file to upload, just head on over to Settings and click on Imports in the bottom row of icons.

Contact import uploader

It’s also an interesting way to update your existing contacts as you can export your contacts from the contact lists, make changes with any spreadsheet editor, and then re-import them back into Táve using this new tool.

Another great use of this is importing contacts from your phone! In iOS, just pull up a contact and click on the Share Contact button and email it to the contact importer email address.

You’ll want to download the vCard for your importer address by going to Settings in Táve, clicking on the Email Integration link (next to the Imports link you clicked on above), and then clicking on the “Email vCards to Phone” button. Now just check the email associated with your user account and add the vCard to your phone’s address book.

Sharing a contact from iOS

Stay current with our new in-app Release Notes

One of the most common questions we get in our public chatroom is “released anything new lately?” Now you can find the answer even when we’re not around by clicking on the Release Notes link in the Support menu.

new Táve release notes

As you’ll see from reading over the release notes, we’ve published a number of notable updates that we haven’t blogged about. For instance, the new Primary Session concept and a handful of useful new placeholders for them in emails and contracts, PayJunction has been added to the supported gateway list, the Sales Order and Contract printouts have been dramatically improved, and lots of other updates worth reading over.

We expect to keep publishing frequent small updates like these while working on the massive new updates in parellel, so keep an eye on the blog and the release notes to stay in-the-know. logoAnother feature straight out of our industry’s only Idea Bank—you can now use your merchant account to accept payments from your clients inside Táve Studio Manager’s Client Access system without having to send your clients to PayPal, Google Checkout, or your PickPic.

To set it up, just head on over to Settings and look for the payments link.  Once you enable, it’ll ask for a few pieces of information from your account.  As always with new Client Access features, we suggest creating a test client and booking it online (perhaps with a $1 payment) to get a feel for what your clients will see.  You’ll be able to preview client access behavior in our next release.

Recently Released

While most of our work is going into our big mid-April release, with some huge new features and great usability improvements, we’ve managed to release a few other little bits since last week’s post:

  • Email Reminders. Just set a date and time and we’ll send you a reminder by email.
  • Get rid of your sample data. There’s always the “Delete Sample Data” link on the left, but if you’re ready to get started and you want a clean slate, including all the stuff you created during the trial, you can use the “purge account” tool in Settings, with the new “Re-create sample data” option unchecked. This tool is like formatting your hard drive; once you do it the data will never come back even if you’re browsing deleted data.
  • Extend your trial. If you have less than a week left on your trial, or it’s already expired, and you’re not quite sold yet, just head on over to the “purge account” tool. Whenever it runs, we now make sure you have at least a week left on your trial, extending it if needed. And then why don’t you give us a call at 800-560-TAVE or Skype-to-Skype user TaveStudio and we’ll walk you through the system and answer any questions you have.
  • An updated look! Okay, it’s not that big of deal, but we think that it makes the application a lot less drab and easier to follow.

Welcome to our new blog!

The blog’s design is inspired by our upcoming website refresh and merges our old blog with the “New Features” blog that was previously only available inside Táve Studio Manager.  Users will notice that the old “New Features” tab inside the application has been replaced with a “News & Updates” tab that will highlight any time this blog is updated.   If you still want to be the first to know about new features, visit the Idea Bank and edit your email preferences.

We’re so excited about the new website’s testimonials page that we just couldn’t wait for it to be released, so we made it part of the blog! Check out what our users are saying about us!

Recent Updates

We’re keeping busy with some pretty substantial improvements to the application but haven’t let that stop us from publishing a number of useful updates in the past week or so:

  • Drag & Drop in Quotes.  You’ve been asking for it for a while now and we delivered.   You can now rearrange the items in a quote  by simply dragging and dropping the items.  Just look for the grips on the left of the quote, click when your cursor changes, and move it around.
  • Availability Calendar.  We’ve improved the usefulness of the availability calendar by having separate colors for meetings and sessions.
  • Getting more from Idea Bank.  You can now change your email preferences inside the Idea Bank to hear about any new idea that get suggested or to hear when any idea is commented on or released.  By default you’ll hear about ideas you’ve voted in favor of.   We also added “Coming Soon” and “Started” tags so you can get even more insight into what we’re doing.  Just visit Idea Bank and click on the “Coming Soon” list to see them all.  Note that we only tag ideas submitted by users (so what are you waiting for?  If there’s something you want, let us know!), our actual project plan may contain other features not listed in Idea Bank.
  • Google Analytics integration.  We’ve always supported Google Analytics but you had to add the tracking code to your themes manually before we’d take advantage of it.   The theme editor now has a field to enter in the website ID to use and does the rest for you without requiring you to use the advanced HTML editor.
  • Fixes and little things.  The time dropdown now defaults to the middle of the list at noon, so you don’t have to scroll through the wee early hours to set a time in the evening.  IE users can now use Client Access systems that have been embedded with an IFRAME.  The client’s email address was added to the quick search results.  Transaction ID and Check Number have been added to the payment editor.

All that and we’re still making steady progress on a complete rework of the client editor, implementing custom fields, adding integration, and working on the other items tagged as “Started” in the Idea Bank.   It’s hard to stop when you love what you’re doing!

IMPROVED: PayPal Website Payments Basic.  When using the PayPal payment gateway, your clients’ payments will automatically appear inside Táve Studio Manager so you’ll no longer have to manually enter the payments.

NEW: PickPic payments.  You can now process payments through your PickPic system.  When enabled here, users will be sent to your PickPic cart with the amount already added to their cart.   You’ll then be able to process the payment as you normally would inside PickPic.  These payments will not automatically appear inside Táve Studio Manager, so you will have to log the payments manually.

NEW: Google Checkout.  Basic Google Checkout support has been added and can be enabled here.  Once the “integrated cart” feature is completed, payments will automatically appear inside Táve Studio Manager.  Until that time, you’ll need to manually add the payments. 

While several users have voted for Google Checkout support in Idea Bank, there has been some debate in our users-only forum about using Google Checkout because of potential issues with their seller policies.  Also, if you wish to only accept the retainer through Client Access, you’ll find a new setting for that in the page editor.