Welcome to our new blog!

The blog’s design is inspired by our upcoming website refresh and merges our old blog with the “New Features” blog that was previously only available inside Táve Studio Manager.  Users will notice that the old “New Features” tab inside the application has been replaced with a “News & Updates” tab that will highlight any time this blog is updated.   If you still want to be the first to know about new features, visit the Idea Bank and edit your email preferences.

We’re so excited about the new website’s testimonials page that we just couldn’t wait for it to be released, so we made it part of the blog! Check out what our users are saying about us!

Recent Updates

We’re keeping busy with some pretty substantial improvements to the application but haven’t let that stop us from publishing a number of useful updates in the past week or so:

  • Drag & Drop in Quotes.  You’ve been asking for it for a while now and we delivered.   You can now rearrange the items in a quote  by simply dragging and dropping the items.  Just look for the grips on the left of the quote, click when your cursor changes, and move it around.
  • Availability Calendar.  We’ve improved the usefulness of the availability calendar by having separate colors for meetings and sessions.
  • Getting more from Idea Bank.  You can now change your email preferences inside the Idea Bank to hear about any new idea that get suggested or to hear when any idea is commented on or released.  By default you’ll hear about ideas you’ve voted in favor of.   We also added “Coming Soon” and “Started” tags so you can get even more insight into what we’re doing.  Just visit Idea Bank and click on the “Coming Soon” list to see them all.  Note that we only tag ideas submitted by users (so what are you waiting for?  If there’s something you want, let us know!), our actual project plan may contain other features not listed in Idea Bank.
  • Google Analytics integration.  We’ve always supported Google Analytics but you had to add the tracking code to your themes manually before we’d take advantage of it.   The theme editor now has a field to enter in the website ID to use and does the rest for you without requiring you to use the advanced HTML editor.
  • Fixes and little things.  The time dropdown now defaults to the middle of the list at noon, so you don’t have to scroll through the wee early hours to set a time in the evening.  IE users can now use Client Access systems that have been embedded with an IFRAME.  The client’s email address was added to the quick search results.  Transaction ID and Check Number have been added to the payment editor.

All that and we’re still making steady progress on a complete rework of the client editor, implementing custom fields, adding integration, and working on the other items tagged as “Started” in the Idea Bank.   It’s hard to stop when you love what you’re doing!