Eighteen months to the day from the Táve 3 beta launch, we reached a major milestone today with all remaining Táve Legacy users being auto-upgraded to the current version of Táve. Welcome to the future!

As part of the Legacy decommissioning, we published a new website at! This new website brings with it three exciting new features for you to take advantage of:

New Overview Screencasts

One of the pages in our new product tour includes new screencasts!

You’ve been asking for updated screencasts and today Jason delivers three new screencasts: Terminology, Homepage & Navigation, and the oft-requested Lifecycle of a client and job overview.

New Referral Program

Now there’s even more reason than ever to share Táve, as we’ll apply a 10% discount to your next subscription payment every time somebody you refer makes a payment during their first year.

Refer 10 new subscribers to Táve and you’ll get one year free!*

If you don’t see a logo on one of your referral links, be sure to check that you’ve uploaded a Printout Logo to your brand, as that’s what we use here.

Share a Testimonial

Another feature of the new website is a Testimonials page. We’re not going to publish it until we get a few new testimonials, so please help us out by submitting a testimonial! It’s as simple a submitting a 500×300 photo (with logo if you desire), headline, and a short paragraph highlighting how Táve has helped your studio.

To keep these testimonials true and organic, we’re not providing a discount or incentive beyond being featured on our site with a link back to your website.

Thank you for being a fan, we love you too!