Welcome to your portal for awesome memories! 

Please take a moment to answer all our queries so we can get back to you with the quickest and best answers to all your burning questions. 

We know it's new and stressful becoming a wedding planner overnight so we are striving to give you one less thing to worry about. 

In case you haven't heard, we photograph weddings across Canada with no travel expenses.  

WHAT?? No, it's true, we love travelling and we will come to wherever your wanderlust is! 

Here are the brass tacks though, the truth is we love weddings! 

But we have discovered after 10+ years of photographing that in order to provide the very best customer service to our clients we need to limit ourselves to 15 weddings per summer. 

Sorry, we'd love to shoot them all but our two boys might just shoot at us (with NERF guns,  it's a family thing).

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