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  3. If you would like to look at wall art for a specific wall in your home please take a photo on your phone and text or email through to me.


    For all portrait sessions to run smoothly and to get the best out of our time together, please be sure to read right through, and please feel free to call or write if needed.

    For all portrait sessions to run smoothly and to get the best out of our time together, please be sure to read right through, and please feel free to call or write if needed.

    All session fees include a Design and Order Consultation, where you are invited to come into the studio and see all of the products and wall art that is available to you. You can do this prior to your session or once you have seen your portfolio.

    Approximately 2-3 weeks after your portrait session your portfolio will be ready for you. Your portfolio will include between 30 to 40 photographs.

    Your portfolio will be presented in a secure online gallery which will be available for 48 hours and your order is due within this time. The Studio will contact you to, to notify your portfolio is ready and will ask when you wish to have your online portfolio time begin. Your portfolio will automatically expire after 48 hours and to have your portfolio made available to you again will incur a $30 fee.

    If a pregnancy and newborn session bundle has been booked, both portfolios will be shown at the same time so you can order across both portfolios.

    Siblings are more than welcome at the studio during newborn sessions, though I understand 2-3 hours can be a long time to expect little ones to be relatively still and quiet in a small space. When siblings are involved in a newborn session I usually start with family and sibling portraits for the first 30 minutes, then older children can head out to the local park or cafe. The main street of Camden is only 12 minutes from the studio. I will then focus on portraits of your newborn on his or her own for the remainder of the session.

    For newborn sessions, I will book you in for your due date, only accepting 10 newborns each month means I can be sure I am there for each client as they need me.

    The best time to document the curled up, sleepy stage is between days 5 to 12. During this window, newborns are sleeping quite a lot and are unaware I am moving them while photographing them. Newborn sessions after day 12 – 14 can take longer as newborns become more awake and alert and getting them to a restful sleep can take more time.

    As you can understand a newborns arrival is unpredictable. Once your baby is born, it is important that you contact the studio within the first 48 hours to finalise your session date and time. Please be aware if I receive notification at 10 days of age for example, I cannot guarantee I will be able to photograph your baby before day 12 at such short notice.

    I am unavailable on Sundays, and also Public Holidays.

    For outdoor sessions, in the event of rain, storms or unpredictable weather, we will need to postpone to the next available date.

  5. Portrait Agreement

    Portrait Agreement

    Dragonfly Portraits ABN 99 459 745 691

    PORTRAIT AGREEMENT The portrait agreement ensures that you know up front what to expect so it is important that you read it thoroughly. If you would like a printed copy for your records, please send me an email.

    Dragonfly Portraits will from here on in be referred to as the Studio.

    You are the legal guardian/parent of the minor and you are authorised to sign this agreement on behalf of the minor.

    Photographs, means all photographs and film clips taken by me during this session or any other session, whether at this location or any other location or site and includes all negatives, digital formats and backup copies of the photographs of the minor/s and/or yourself. It also includes without limitation, any modification of whatsoever nature to the photographs/film clips.

    The copyright to the photographs and films belongs to me absolutely. I may at my absolute discretion, and without limitation to my rights as copyright holder of the photographs and film clips use the photographs and film clips as part of my promotion, portfolio, or marketing. You understand that you can not copy, duplicate, print, edit, alter or distribute the photographs and film clips in any way.

    You must not copy or modify Studio material in an unauthorised manner. Unauthorised use of the Studio images, films and materials may amount to a breach of contract and/or infringe/Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)/ which may occur legal liability.

    Karen Ashcroft is the creator and author of all films and is recognised as the owner of moral rights.

    The processing (editing) stage of photographs and film clips is part of the artists creative process. The Studio will supply edited JPG format files and edited MP4 films. The Studio is under no obligation to release or show RAW or MOV files, and will not supply RAW or MOV files or unedited photographs or film clips. Digital Files/Negatives are not to be altered in any way.

    In consideration of the foregoing you release and discharge me and forever hold me harmless (and agree to indemnify me and keep me indemnified in respect of any and all loss arising as a result of) any and all causes of action, claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings of whatsoever nature, whether caused by, arising from or incidental to my negligence or otherwise, which you, the minor/s or another party may now have or at any time hereafter may have with respect to or in any way connected with you and/or the minor/s attending and participating in the photographic or filming session.

    If yourself or your child are unwell please contact the Studio as soon as possible.  The Studio understands that children can become sick, so are happy to reschedule however please be aware that the Studio can be booked weeks in advance. Likewise if your photographer/filmmaker becomes unwell, or if the weather is not suitable for your outdoor portrait session or filming session, the Studio will contact you as soon as possible or on the day of the session and reschedule to a suitable day.

    Due to the nature of the Studio’s products, all sales are final. Please check your products immediately upon receipt. If you find that my products have faults, please contact the Studio within 2 days from receipt of purchase and the Studio will replace any faulty products deemed to be the fault of the Studio.

    Specific requests / instructions must be specified in writing on the booking form. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the photographer or filmmaker is instructed on the day to take photographs or films of individuals, family, or other groups that may be required.

    Acceptance of the completed Booking Form and payment of the session fee completes the contract between the parties to provide the services as described herein, and consequently constitutes a binding contract which includes the terms and conditions stated in this document.

    In the event that an order is not completed, for any reason, the Studio's liability is limited to the return of the client's session fee / deposit.

    As a new client you will automatically be signed up to receive Newsletters via email from The Studio. You can unsubscribe at any time that you wish to do so.

    Agreed variations to the contract become effective upon written confirmation by the Studio.

    Only one gift voucher is allowed per calendar year per family.

    For bundled pregnancy and newborn session fees, both portfolios will be released at the same time so you can choose across both portfolios.

    All due care is taken in the printing process to produce the required colour, contrast and density. However, the Studio does not accept liability for variations in the printing process, which may produce alignment, colour, contrast and density alterations. The Studio also does not accept liability for variations in the viewing of films on various viewing devices, which may produce variations in alignment, colour, contrast and density.

    PHOTOGRAPHY 1) The Portrait Session Fee: The session fee covers the photographers time, talent, post production, and ensures you have an online gallery from which to view your portraits. Your online gallery will include between 30 to 40 photographs. Your session fee also secures your session date and time and ensures that the current prices are fixed for all orders connected with this portrait session which you have booked.  The portrait session fee is non refundable.

    2) After the session:  Approximately 2-3 weeks after your portrait session your portfolio will be ready for you. Your online portfolio will be available for 48 hours and your order is due within this time. Your online portfolio will automatically expire after 48 hours and to have your portfolio made available to you again will incur a $30 fee. The Studio will be in touch to advise your portfolio is ready and ask when you would like your 48 hour window to begin.

    To order your selection of photographs, please send an email to the Studio. Orders will be filled after 50% payment of your total order has been made. Orders will only be delivered once the order has been paid in full.  Delivery can take from 2 to 6 weeks from the time of first payment depending on what you have ordered.  Your order will be delivered if you are local to Camden, or sent to you via Australia Post or a courier if you are located out of the Camden area.

    4) Travel Fee: For portrait session locations outside a 20km radius from Camden, a $75 travel fee may occur. Your Travel Fee is due upon booking.

    The Studio respects other’s intellectual property rights by purchasing the licences and rights to use any music featured in slideshows and films produced by the Studio. 

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