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  1. BRIDE

  2. GROOM



    We would like to start creating a timeline with you to help understand what will take place on the day of your wedding. Keep in mind most of our packages are based around 9 hours of coverage. Meaning if your event ends at 11pm we would plan to start at 2pm. If you feel that you are in need of more time please contact the studio at your earliest convenience. If you are uncertain about the hours in your package you can confirm by looking at the front of your contract or contacting the studio.

  5. Note

    We would like at least 1.5 hours (90 Minutes) to document the getting ready process before we leave for the ceremony.

  6. Guests and Important people

    As we begin taking pictures of you with your family and loved ones we find it helpful to know the names of some of the important people to help keep things organized. Please note things like divorced couples or if someone is deceased.  The more information we have the better

  7. Cocktail hour & Reception Details

    When we arrive at the reception location everyone will want to settle in and make use of the bridal suite or use the restroom. This is a great time to take 5-10 minutes to breathe and enjoy a few minutes to yourself. Also a great time for touch ups with make up or fixing a dress before the cocktail hour. We tend to use this time to gather some detail shots of the venue you chose as well as make sure we have all the family pictures done.

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