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  1. Thank you again for choosing Fantasy Flash

  2. As we begin designing and ordering your album we would like to confirm your ideas so we can get the design correct for you. Our albums come in many sizes and cover options depending on your preferences. If you are unsure which album was included in your package, please feel free to contact the office and so we can help.

  3. Note: The above field is powered by Google Maps. Just start typing your address to find it. If it doesn't find your address or you want your album(s) to be sent to a PO Box, please click "Custom Address" on the far right and enter your address in manually.

  4. Choosing Your Handcrafted Album

    If you would like to see all options and pricing before submitting your album order, please contact the studio and we would be happy to review your order with you

  5. Album Cover Options

    Leather_cover_verticle.jpgLEATHER Canvas WrapHARD COVER

    AcrylicACRYLIC PHOTO   Luxe Linen.png

  6. Handcrafted Album Presentation Boxes

    If you are ordering at least one album presentation box, choose your selection and options below. If you are not ordering any album presentation boxes, you can skip this section.

  7. Gift Albums

    You can purchase copies of your album for parents or other friends or family members. The gift album will be the same exact album design, just in a smaller size. If you'd like to order a version that is not an exact duplicate (different album design or cover type), please reach out to request a new form.

  8. Upon receiving your form, we will put together the order and email you an order receipt for your review. Once your images have been selected, your album will begin the design phase and you will be emailed a link to proof and approve before it is sent to the manufacturer!

  9. Please Note:

    Our albums include 30 pages. We recommend 2-3 pictures per page, which usually equals 60-80 pictures in the book. If you would like more pictures and or pages we do charge $15 per page to go over 30 pages. We always ask you to approve the design before we print so please make sure you look at everything before you approve the design. We prefer if you come in to pick up the album in person so we can look at it with you both here in the studio. If you would prefer to ship the album we can certainly do so, Standard-shipping rates will apply. We recommend having insurance on the shipment with a tracking #

  10. We look forward to designing a beautiful album of your special day!

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