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  1. 365 Days of Horses Blog Feature Application Questionnaire

    365 Days of Horses is all about sharing your horse's story! Each and every horse has such an incredibly unique story and a journey that has brought them where they are today. This form will be used to create your Horse's blog post and social media posts on the day they are featured on the blog. Each horse that is photographed as a part of 365 Days of Horses will receive a spotlight feature that shares their story with the world.

    This form must be completed for your horse to be considered as a part of 365 Days of Horses. Please try to share as much as you can, I will also use the information provided to select horses for the project. Horses with the most information provided will have the best chance at being accepted into the project. I am looking for horses with unique stories, or unique traits or characteristics.

    If they have a unique or special trait or even just something funny that they do, l I want to be able to hi-light that in their session. Do they stick their tongue out when you scratch them? Make a funny face for treats? Have a special brand? Win a special bridle or saddle? Do they have a split personality, or are they always a little angel? These are the types of things that I love to know so that I can make sure I get the perfect images that showcase their personality and their story.

  2. Thank you so much for completing this form! I can not wait to review your application. If you are selected you will receive an email from me with more information on scheduling your session.

    Don't forget to share our 365 Days of Horse's program with your horse friends, and we can make a day of it at your barn. If you are not in the Houston,TX area, travel dates will be set based on interest in a particular area, so the more horses that apply, the greater the chance that I travel to your area!

    If your horse is selected to be a part of 365 Days of Horses, after your session takes place, I will let you know once your horse's pictures are ready for your viewing and we will set up a time either in person (if you are local to the Houston,TX area) or online for your big image reveal! It is so much fun getting to see each person's reaction to their Horse's pictures and this is typically the hi light of each owner's experience with us! At that time you will have the ability to pick out your favorite pictures and if you would like choose any art pieces for your home. Don't forget to review the information guide, it has more information about collections that are available.

    So excited to get to read your horse's story!!!

    Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions or (832)598-8715

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