Online Quotes

Are you a creative professional embarking on your own business endeavor? When you’re working to build your creative business from the ground up, it can be challenging. On one hand, you’re trying to excel as an artist and master your skill — but you also have to manage technical aspects and be a competent business manager to keep your company afloat.

Whether you’re a photographer, event planner, stylist, DJ, videographer or on another professional pursuit, you need an easier way to manage your business, keep track of your clients and excel as an entrepreneur.

Táve, the All-in-One Creative Business Solution

Looking for a better way to interact with your clients, offer them information, and manage their events and details? Táve is an organization app for creative entrepreneurs. As a tool for managing, mastering, coordinating and keeping track of every element of your business, Táve takes away the mundane, complicated and confusing aspects of your professional life and lets you focus on what’s most important — your art.

Online Quotes for Photography Business and Other Creative Professionals

When it comes to succeeding in your creative business pursuits, your relationship with your clients is essential. 

Whether you’re working weddings, booking appointment slots or managing events, you need to deal with a range of details like questionnaires, products and offerings, contracts and payment options. With Táve, managing quote and contracts become easier for both you and your clients. Our online quotes option offers a convenient consolidation for all your client communications.

Easy Booking

With Táve, the days of complicated email interactions, missed calls and crossed wires with clients are over — our app gives you an easy way to take care of all your communications and business dealings seamlessly. Through our online quote process, you can offer your clients information and contract options your way.

With customizable features like product lists, questionnaires, contracts and payment options, Táve lets you manage your quote preferences for each client, send prices and get paid — all in one place.

Personalized Processes

With the Quote Configuration and Details portions of your online quote process, Táve offers you a simple solution for building your products and services options for your clients, developing your client profile details and sending personalized quotes in a timely manner. Now you can never mix up clients or forget prices. Táve also helps you with:

  • Client names and profiles
  • Descriptions
  • Quote names
  • Prices
  • Taxability and tax groups
  • Email templates
  • Contracts
  • Customizable options

Official Business

In addition to helping you build your client profiles and organize your quote process, Táve’s online quotes allow you to present yourself with an important level of professionality.

When you’re a creative entrepreneur providing unique products or services, the first impression you make on your clients is especially important — both for winning their business and for building a positive reputation in your field. Start your interactions off the right way and better your business by using our online quotes. Sign up for your free Táve trial today and see the difference.