Platinum Package

Item Price Quantity Subtotal Tax
Military Discount     -15.00 %
Platinum (photobooth) $600.00 × 1 $600.00  
Wedding Photobooth ADDON $600.00 × 1 $600.00  
Photobooth (Reception length) $0.00 × 1 $0.00  
On-site printing $0.00 × 1 $0.00
Flash drive with copyright free images (photobooth) $0.00 × 1 $0.00
Web hosting of photos (photobooth) $0.00 × 1 $0.00  
Facebook Album (photobooth) $0.00 × 1 $0.00
Customized graphics and text on photo strips $0.00 × 1 $0.00
Platinum (Wedding) $2,900.00 × 1 $2,900.00  
Platinum Wedding Package $2,900.00 × 1 $2,900.00  
Digital Negatives $0.00 × 1 $0.00  
Wedding Coverage (hr) $0.00 × 8 $0.00  
Extra Photographer (event) $0.00 × 1 $0.00  
10x10 Roma Series Album - 30p $0.00 × 1 $0.00  
Photography Session $0.00 × 1 $0.00  
Total: $2,975.00

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I agree that due to the custom nature of the product that I am ordering, album purchases are non-refundable. If an album should arrive with a defect the client has 3 days to notify me of this. If an album must be reprinted and bound due to a defect, I understand that I must return the defective album prior to the reprint order being placed.Client Initials: MJG

I agree to read the Album Care Card that will be provided with my album and to clean and care for my album as instructed on the Album Care Card. I (the client) understand that if my album becomes damaged in any way after delivery, I (the client) will be responsible for the cost of reprinting.Client Initials: MJG

Client Signature: Michael J Gleeson
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