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COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy

General Safety Protocols

  • Vendor will maintain a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) between themselves, Clients and others.
  • In the event where distance cannot be maintained, Vendor will remove themselves from the location/situation if they feel unsafe. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), including non-medical masks will be used at all times however, Client must understand that these have limitations.
  • Vendor must wear masks, gloves and any other PPE they choose to wear during the entire production. 
  • Client must provide Vendor with one designated area for gear, this area must be secure and secluded without the possibility of foot traffic.
  • Vendor will provide hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes to team members and these items are not to be shared with other vendors or guests to avoid cross contamination.
  • Vendor will clean equipment periodically throughout the entire production.
  • Vendor will assign team members with individual gear to use for the entire production to avoid sharing of equipment.
  • Client will notify guests to not approach Vendor in close contact with requests during the production.
    • ie. Approaching vendor to ask for a photo with group.
  • Client understands that current restrictions and regulations may impact Vendor's shooting style and end products.
  • Vendor will discuss and set expectations with Client to ensure all parties are aware that not all images/videos will look the same as Vendor's previous work.
  • Vendor will provide up to three (3) verbal warnings to the Client if safety protocols are not being followed. If safety protocols are repeatedly not followed by Client and guests of Client throughout the duration of the event, Vendor reserves the right remove themselves from the event and discontinue the services and refunds to the remainder coverage of the contract will not be provided.


  • Vendor will be removing all Lavalier (Lapel mic) microphones from our gear. This is due to the close contact it requires with the Client and we cannot fully clean inside the microphone without moisture damage.
  • Shotgun mics mounted on our cameras will still be used safely from a distance.  Clients will need to understand that audio quality outcome might be affected due to the limitations of this setup.

On The Wedding Day

Getting Ready

  • There will be a limit of six (6) people including Vendor and other Vendor(s) in a room or area at any given time and Vendor will remove themselves if this is not abided by.
  • Vendor highly recommends minimizing the number of people getting ready together.
  • If social distancing isn't possible during this period, Client will be asked to provide a time slot with less people (6 max including Vendor) for photography/videography purposes.
  • Vendor highly recommends moving activities outdoors when possible.


  • Clients cannot drive with vendors and no group rides can take place.
    • ie. Photography / Videographer joining in the limousine.
  • Members of the same Photography / Videography team will bring their own vehicle if possible unless they are a household group.


  • Vendor and Client must come up with a shoot plan that will allow Vendor to physically distance themselves around the ceremony. 
  • Lavalier mics cannot be used during the ceremony to capture audio from the couple / officiant.

Couple Portraits

  • Vendor must maintain a physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) between themselves and the couple/subjects wherever possible.
  • Vendor will not be able to assist with holding the wedding dress train/bouquets/items from the couple/subjects.
  • Vendor will only be giving verbal directions for posing and any adjustments to the Client required (fixing hair in the way or tidying wardrobe, etc).

Family & Group Portraits

  • No spontaneous groupings.
    • All photos need to be discussed beforehand with the Client
  • For family photos, Client will need to create a list beforehand with information on who is practicing social distancing and who isn't.
  • Vendor will require a designated person from the Client to help coordinate the group portraits.
  • For the wedding party, Client will need to communicate beforehand if the wedding party is social distancing or not.


  • Client will communicate with Vendor beforehand how, what and where meals will be provided.
  • Vendor will require a place to eat that is large enough to stay physically distant from other vendors and guests.
  • Meals must be plated and served to Vendor. Vendor will not self cater in the event of a buffet or family style serving. If meals cannot be served plated, Vendor must be provided with 1 hour to purchase their own food outside of the venue and eat.
  • Vendor will remain socially distanced at all times 2 metres (6 feet) throughout reception events. 

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