Photography Marketing & Business Workshop

Are you a photographer who feels you have hit a roadblock in building your brand? How about attracting the clients you want to work for? Or transitioning into a full - time photographer?

If so, then this workshop is for you! On July 12th, 2015, Jasen Hudson will be holding a workshop about the marketing and business side of the photography. This workshop will cover these common questions as well as how to use social media and the internet to better market yourself to your target clients.

This 4 hour course will dig deep into how to reach new clients and how to expand your reach with existing clients. We will dive into an in-depth review of your current business practices as well as exploring the following subjects:

How to attract new clients
Writing effective business proposals & proper bidding on jobs
Managing Leads & communications with client
How to create effective Advertising campaigns on Google & Facebook.
Portfolio / Website review
How to search engine optimize your website to attract your client base
Understanding Licensing rights and how to charge for commercial projects
Review of desirable photographer associations and their benefits.

This will be an intensive and personalized course so the space is limited to only 10 spots.