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  1. Your Wedding Day

  2. Suggested Outline for your Wedding Day (8 Hours with First Look)
    2:00 Arrival | 5:00pm Ceremony | 10:00pm Exit

    • 2:00pm Arrival (Prep Shots, Detail Shots, Getting into the Dress)
    • 3:00pm First Look followed by Bride and Groom Portraits
    • 3:45pm Bridal Party Portraits
    • 4:00pm Formal Family Portraits
    • 4:30pm Bride tucked away for Guest Arrival / Reception Detail Shots
    • 5:00pm Ceremony
    • 5:30pm Any Formal Family Portraits that were not captured prior to Ceremony
    • 6:00pm Entrance to Reception
    • 6:00-9:45pm Reception Coverage
      (First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss)
    • 9:45pm Grand Exit

    • I recommend at least 1-1.5 hour for formal portraits.
    • Pack details that you would like photographed together for ease of collecting on the day of.
    • Alert your family members prior to the wedding that you would like them to stay for formal portraits.

  3. Preparation

  4. Ceremony Information

  5. Reception Information

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