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Our Piccybooth Services

Our Black or White Sparkly Photobooths

'The Real Party Booth - all have a capacity for 10+ people'

This service is always fully attended by one of our Booth buddies. 
All our photobooths are 'Party booths' with a capacity for 10+ people, maximising the fun experience inside it (not the boring 4 person cubicle ones). Due to its size it is totally wheelchair friendly, with an adjustable camera for when smaller children are inside. So you have the option to duck down to their level rather than having to pick them up. We always provide a comprehensive selection of props for your guests to wear (Hats, Masks, Glasses, Inflatables etc.) At each booth visit we take 4 different shots 10 seconds apart, so the props/poses can be changed if desired, these are then assembled into 1 compilation photo. Upon exiting the booth, 2 copies of the photo are printed on a professional quality printer which are instantly dry, so there is no risk of smudges occurring, or the need to wave them around to dry them off. 1 photo is glued into a Premium grade Guestbook by the Booth buddy, who will encourage your guests to write messages to you against it, whilst the other copy is given to the guests. At the end of the session we will download all of the compilation photos as well as all of the individual pictures onto a USB stick, attach the stick to the Guestbook and present them both to you before we leave the venue. That way, you get both a physical and a digital version of the photos. If Guests want more photos, we encourage them to go back into the booth and have another go. As there is no limit to the number of visits, the photos printed are unlimited too. That way they have more fun and you get more photo memories added to the Guestbook. Alternatively, they can take an instant snap of it via their smartphones, or get a copy off of our Facebook gallery a day or two later at, where we post all of the photos (provided you have given us your authority to upload them). Nearer the event date we will reconfirm your booking details and agree with you how you want the photos to be personalised, with regard to the Title and wording to be applied, as well as the graphics (if any) that you want added. We will send you examples of the graphics available for you to choose from.

Black or White Sparkly Photobooth (Party booths) Pricing

**** PRICES ****

3 hour session = £350.00
4 hour session = £400.00
5 hour session = £450.00

Our Selfie Station & TV

'Why have 1 Photographer at your event when you can have 100'

This service is a fantastic addition to your event,  as it enables your guests to take photos and selfies on their smart phones  and to upload them to one of our large 50" TV screens in just a few clicks, for all your guests to see and enjoy as a rolling slide show. 

We will leave clear, very easy to follow instruction cards on the tables etc., so that your guests know what to do. 

At the end of the session, we will give you a USB stick containing all of the photos that your guests have kindly shared. So  there's no need to ask them for copies or incur the added expense of puttting disposable cameras on the tables.

Don't forget, guests can upload and display any photos that they have taken on their phones either before or during the day, not just those taken during its hire period. They also benefit, because they can review all the photos that we are displayed on the rolling slide show, back on their Smart phones. Any photos that they like they can simply copy them onto their phones photo gallery as an added memory for them. How Cool is that!!

Our 'Selfie Station' can be supplied on a standalone basis or run alongside one of our Photobooths as a package.

It is a huge talking point at Weddings and is considered a great addition to any event at a very reasonable price. 

Our Selfie Station & TV Pricing

**** PRICES ****

3 hour session = £199.00
Unlimited = £275.00
Photobooth and Selfie Station package = Pricing upon request

(All Selfie Station prices are subject to an additional £100 Damage deposit, payable 1 month before the event, which will automatically be refunded to you after the booking, provided all is well with the equipment)

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