Now more than ever the value of gathering and celebrating with the people we love most has reached new levels of importance and priority. And these experiences deserve to be captured, documented and preserved in perfection.

If you’re worried about how Covid-19 will affect you, I am as well. Uncertainty is a terrifying thing, especially when we are trying to make plans. We want to schedule our celebrations, our milestones, our joys, our resilience! with peace of mind that a professional team is on our side. Want to make plans but have reservations? If you are interested in chatting about how you want to celebrate then please reach out below and lets jump on a virtual coffee date. I’ll be happy to share as much knowledge as I have with you and let you in on our new climate around planning, photography, working from home while parenting (I’m getting really good at that one!) I’m here for you.

Lastly I say whole heartedly, keep planning, look forward, envision.. book us, lock us down, your dream team, before someone else does, and know that we are ready to come on board and be there for you through thick and thin. My team and I are offering flexible terms to agreements, dates, payments and whatever each client needs on a customized basis for whomever is affected by the Caronavirus. I welcome your transparency, I will gladly and gracefully return it  your way and I will continue as always to do everything I can to serve you with my art and expertise and to give you an experience of a lifetime. You deserve it!

with LOVE


310-963-2623 .

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