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Lead Tracking

Never let another lead slip through the cracks again.

Online Booking

Send a quote, questionnaire, contract and payment all in one step.


Check off tasks as you go so you keep up with everything you need to do with a client.


Let the system do the work. Automate the tedious stuff.

The Cost of Creative Business Management

By now you’ve probably learned that a huge part of any small business is, well, business.

And accomplishing these mundane and often tedious business tasks can easily pile up when you get busy with your creative side. You may not enjoy this other side of your business, but if you want to eat, it has to get done.

We understand your heart lays in the creative tasks that form the foundation of your business. The business management side is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy.

Get what you need to get done with Táve.

Táve is an investment. When you become more organized and more efficient, clients notice. Clients trust those who send quotes on time, follow up quickly and deliver on what they promised.

When you earn this trust, you build loyalty. Enhanced organization can lead to more referrals, which results in more business. Since you’ve lightened your managerial load with Táve, you’ll have more time to devote to new clients, and these can become even more referrals.

When you commit to using Táve, you make an investment in your business’s future.

Lead tracking is one of the most important aspects of good business management.

Set lead status to quickly see where you are with a particular lead.


Automatic transitions move your lead between statuses automatically. ‘Initial Contact’ to ‘Needs Follow Up’. ‘Waiting on Client’ to ‘Stale’.


Double Booking Warnings let you quickly check what else you have on that particular day.


Create a quote for them quickly to get them booked.


Stop Worrying About Your Business

You want your business to be the best it can be.

You need the time and headspace to focus on getting your clients the creative services and results they desire. By using Táve business management software for your DJ, hair-styling, event planning, photography or other creative business, you can get the sort of long-term stability that fosters success.

The Cost of Not Using a CRM for Your Photography Business

Running a business can be overwhelming. Using a customer relationship management (CRM) system can help you manage your photography business. By not investing in a CRM business management system, you could be experiencing the following:

  1. Lost Time Doing What You Love: Taking time to learn the ins and outs of business management can take time, and spending time sending out paperwork and managing your business will take some of your focus away from completing your creative work. Not using a CRM system means you’ll need to spend additional time sending emails, questionnaires and reminders.When you choose to use a system to help you manage the business side of your creative business, you can spend more time doing what you love to do. With a CRM, you will experience greater productivity and reduce the time you spend on performing the everyday business management tasks that are necessary for your company to function.
  2. Inefficiency: If you have ever spent time looking through your emails and paperwork to find a specific email or form from a client, you’re wasting time that could be managed better with a business management system. Using management software will allow you to quickly look up information about a specific client. All the information in one location means increased efficiency and less time spent searching for the information you need.
  3. Lost Leads: If you don’t have the time to respond to every lead that comes your way, you could be missing out on incredible opportunities to grow your business. If your company receives many new leads, it can be challenging to track every lead and respond promptly. CRM systems often include email tracking and scheduling, which will help you stay on top of your leads and close more sales.Without a CRM system, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table that could be yours if you used a better system to follow-up with your leads. The more you follow up with your leads, the greater potential you have for closing more leads.

Táve Business Management System Can Help You

Tave is a business management software that allows you to manage your time better and stay organized. Through using automation, lead tracking, email scheduling and more, Táve lets you spend less time managing your creative business and more time doing what you love.

Dave Shay from Dave Shay Photography shares how using Táve helped him manage his photography business while he celebrated the birth of his child:

“So while my wife and I have been in the hospital celebrating our newborn, Táve has reminded four different clients about their invoices, sent two pre-wedding questionnaires, one pre portrait shoot questionnaire, closed two stale leads, sent pricing and packages to four new ones, and sent two couples their engagement session planning email.

It’s coming back to days like this that I realized how much Táve does for my business, and it’s pretty awesome to see my business working while I’m not even NEAR a computer.”

Is the Price of CRM Worth It for Creative Businesses?

The price of a CRM system is well worth the investment for a small business because of the time you’ll save and the additional leads you can close. If you’re ready to use a CRM system like Táve to help manage your business, sign up for a free 30-day trial today!

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