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  1. Rebel Key West Trip


    Hello y'all!!

    I am so excited that your wanting to spend some time on this amazing girls vacation!! By know you should already know the specifics! 

    Where: Key West - Private Vacation Home
    When: April 25th - 29th
    How much: $500

  3. Please understand the beds are limited. In order to keep this trip affordable we have created the cost based on every bed being used to its fullest. This means Queens bed must sleep 2 people. Please answer the questions below based on this information, but know we will try our hardest to accommodate your requests, IF we can.  

  4. The total cost is $500 for the full trip. 
    This $500 includes: 

    - 30-minute mini boudoir session
    - The Vacation Home
    - Breakfast Friday - Monday 
    - Drinks located on the property 
    - Birthday Cake 
    - Wine 
    - A personal Travel Planner (AKA me)

    When booking this trip its important to understand any payments made are non refundable.

    A minimum of $125 is DUE today to book your spot. 

    You can choose to make bimonthly payments on the reminder (3 payments of $125). In order to begin a payment plan, you must submit your card information so we can input into Square and process your payments automatically. 

    You may choose NOT to do a payment plan. 
    The remainder is due by March 1st if you choose not to do a payment plan. 

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