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  1. Studio-e School Photography Request Form

  2. School Info / Contact Info

    Please provide the following details about your school, as well as the ways that you may be contacted.

  3. Photo Day Scheduling Information

    To see what dates  we are currently available, please click here to see our calendar.

  4. Photo Day Details

    Please enter the following information to the best of your ability.  Should you have estimated numbers or are not sure of the answer, feel free to use the estimate, and we can confirm at a later time.

  5. Senior / Graduating Class Details

    Many schools opt for their seniors/graduating class to be photographed in formal wear and/or graduation cap & gown, in addition to their school uniform/casual (street) clothes.  These "clothing changes" are referred to as "poses".  Your school may request all 3 poses for the graduates or select only one or two.  Please select your preferrences below:

  6. Class / Group Photo Details

  7. Other Information

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