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  1. Hello Gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for your interest in a Boudoir Session with me! Whether this a gift for a special someone, a gift for yourself or perhaps a bit of both, I'm so excited to work with you and can't wait to show you an amazing experience.

    Boudoir Photo Shoot is for women who are wanting a life changing experience. Maybe you need a confidence boost? You may want to celebrate yourself or a huge accomplishment in your life. Maybe it’s time to stop doing what is expected of you and to reconnect with your inner badass.

    I truly believe that every soul is beautiful.

    Forget the beauty standards. Say goodbye to what is expected of you. Be brazen and confident.

    I want to explore this with you.

    Boudoir is truly for EVERY BODY. I don’t care what size you are, or what your body type is.

    Perhaps you've been thinking about doing this for awhile and just needed a little nudge to actually set it up. NOW IS THE TIME. You are two steps to the end of the year. So, This Holiday is going to be full of amazing women feeling sexy and beautiful and you deserve to be one of them!

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  2. What Boudoir Means To Me

    Being a female means a lot of different things to a lot of different women – but actually feeling like one and reveling in the fact that we are an amazing species I think is important for every woman to take part in at least once in their life. We are so hard on ourselves day in and day out – so tired and run down. Sometimes, so taken advantage of, putting ourselves on the back burner to take care of children, sick parents or pets, starting our own businesses or even trying to keep the job we have in such a tough economy – that we lose touch with who we are. That inside, we are still soft, gentle, beautiful and amazing ladies. We are vulnerable every day, but we don’t always see a positive outcome from being in that position.

    I love, more than anything, the look on my clients’ face when they see themselves vulnerable, relaxed and stunning and think “Wow, I am beautiful!” I think it is SO important for women to feel beautiful and secure within themselves, and that is why I love shooting boudoir. It is classy, timeless, sensual, elegant, relaxing and needed. It means a lot to me as a woman to help another woman gain self awareness and feel beautiful about themselves.

    All Boudoir Sessions Include:

      • Online, phone, or In Person Consultation to help plan your boudoir experience
      • Makeup and Hair Styling (including lashes)
      • Wardrobe Selection Assistance
      • Pose & Preparation Boudoir Guide
      • Up to 3 hour of capture time
      • The Studio has a transitory location

    *The Studio location will be always unique and the rent price is included in the session fee. Every week or weekend I rent a entire house in Airbnb app. This make your Boudoir Session really unique and similar of those Magazines photo-shoots.


  3. Booking Your Unique Vogue Boudoir Session for this Holiday

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  4. " Book with a friend for the same day you will both receive $150 off your session fee." - Request by email:

    * Limited spots available per day.
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