Origin Story

Táve began as a simple tool to help Adrian Ziemkowski and his wife, Karen, stay organized and on the same page as they managed their photography business. As its functionality grew, it became apparent that other photographers faced the same issues and could benefit from tools like this.

On June 23rd, 2006, Táve was officially born.

Adrian’s day job at the time was as Application Development Manager, organizing Java backend, PHP frontend, and design teams in creating a powerful travel booking engine used by thousands of travel agencies around the globe. He asked the lead of the PHP team, Jason Pirkey, to supplement his already full plate of leading some two dozen developers to deliver advanced new features in impossible timelines, with a new side project to create a new booking engine for photographers from the ground up. Luckily for all of us, the idea of working long hours after work, without pay, didn’t faze Jason one bit, especially compared to the opportunity to try new technologies and services that only a startup could consider.

It didn’t take long for the first Táve office to open in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A few years later we moved up to Boca Raton; the technology hub of South Florida. Nine years after forming, we moved up to Alpharetta, Georgia.

We’re now a part of ShootProof and enjoy a view of the Atlanta skyline between SunTrust Park and Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

The Team




Co-Founder and CEO of Táve, Adrian was working as a web developer in Silicon Valley at the time of the great dot-com bubble. After the crash, he decided to give his childhood dream a go and went to film school, and graduated from Full Sail University with honors in Entertainment Business.

Adrian returned to the world of web development after receiving a lucrative offer paying far more than his job as a Producer at WGFL CBS 4 in Gainesville, Florida. After climbing the ranks from web developer, to PHP team lead, to Application Development Manager, Adrian began feeling creativity’s call again and started a photography business. After a while, his wife, Karen, began shooting with him and in time became the principal photographer, at which point Adrian transitioned to work on Táve full time.

Adrian made the move to Alpharetta with his wife and their two young sons, who are thoroughly enjoying the phenomenon of having four actual seasons. And mountains. Lots of mountains.

When he isn‘t working, chances are he’s practicing fiddle or piano or working on a long planned novel.




Co-Founder and CTO of Táve, Jason graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Computer Science. Since then, Jason has been at the bleeding edge of the internet‘s cloud computing revolution and has been an early trailblazer into Amazon’s Web Services platform, consulting for multiple companies making the move from internal data centers to the ephemeral cloud.

In addition to designing and managing our system infrastructure, Jason implements our third-party integrations and works with our support team to root out issues and build a more solid service.

When Jason isn’t working, you might find him building massive Lego creations or participating in sports with his wife and two young daughters, instilling upon them his life long passion for soccer.



Senior Product Manager

Topher joined the team after close to two and a half years as a Táve user running his own photography business. He credits Táve for helping him organize his business so efficiently that he could pursue other passions at the same time. One of those passions has always been education and relationship building within a business community.

As Vice President of Product Development, he actively engages with the Táve user community to better understand what tools and features will help users grow their business.

Originally a native of Colorado, he now calls California his home where he lives with his husband, son and a few fur-children.


Customer Service Lead

Nicole joined the team after little more than a year as a Táve user. She was a fast learner and her active participation in the Facebook User Group showed she was dedicated to providing help to other users.

Her experience using Táve in her own business, Nicole Klym Photography, gives her the upper hand in working with users to fully take advantage of the app and use creative methods to solve problems.


Customer Success Manager

Dave joined Táve after working as a technician for two high end camera companies. He continues to run a full time wedding photography company based in Raleigh, NC, servicing the entire United States and teaches workflow courses, using Táve and other systems to help creatives find balance while growing their businesses.

Dave brings his desire to empower success in other business owners, without sacrificing time, to every user that gets to call Táve home.


Software Engineer

Victor moved down from North Carolina to join the Táve team and contribute toward the quality of the life of the Táve platform. He has a strong interest in solving problems by fixing or building and enhancing features and is excited to bring that skill and passion to Táve.

Interested in joining the team?

Product Support Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia.

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