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  1. Tables

    If we will be completing any tablescaping please complete this section if not please skip to the next section

  2. Upload
  3. Chairs

  4. Draping

    If any type of draping is being provided please complete this section

  5. Miscellaneous Add Ons

    Here at The Top Pic Collective we are a full service business we pride ourselves on being able to provide a complete event experience. If you are interested in any add ons please complete this section. 

  6. Budget

    While budget is scary it is important. Unlike cars or houses where you say I want to spend this amount and sales reps find the highest items in that section to sale you, decor is very different. Providing a guestimated budget allows your decor team to advise on substitutes or advise on items that could be taken out to stay in budget, while we do not expect a spot on number please provide an amount you feel is a safe guess

  7. After hitting submit you will be able to schedule your design consultation right online. Appointments book up quickly please be sure to schedule your appointment right after submission. Thanks so much!

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