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    99% of our estimates require photos.
    Why? Each job is a custom order. There are millions of vehicles and we cannot give a quote based on a description alone.

    Photo Instructions:

    • Not the hole. Not the hole. Not the hole. Did I say, "not the hole" yet? Hahaha but really. Please do NOT send a photo of just the tear or hole. We do not do "patchwork" so we need to see the ENTIRE seat to see what we need to take apart to get to the damaged panel(s).
    • Make sure the photo is clear and not blurry.
    • Make sure there is enough light to see it clearly.

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    Are you having problems with photos???...Continue submitting this form and THEN send the images to: or text them to (702) 715-4055
    INCLUDE your name & let us know that you submitted the quote online. Thanks!

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