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  1. Style Shoot Questionnaire

  2. About you, the planner

    We want to know a bit more about you and the other vendors involved! Please complete the info below.

  3. About the style shoot

    To design pieces that work best for the style shoot, we need to know a bit more information about the day.

  4. Upload
  5. What would you like us to contribute to the style shoot:

    Every shoot is different, and the items and their quantities are important to know as far in advance as possible.
    Please fill out the list below with what you know will be required.

  6. I understand that Wedding Design by Anika's participation in style shoots is on a first come, first serve basis.

    I agree that the submission of this form acts as an ’application’ and does not guarantee that Wedding Design by Anika will contribute to the shoot.

    I agree to have Wedding Design by Anika send me, via email, a link to a style shoot guideline agreement that needs to be signed before design work can begin.

    Only one agreement is required per calendar year, and I agree that Wedding Design by Anika may keep this agreement on file for one calendar year before a new agreement needs to be signed

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This questionnaire is editable until you've booked with us.

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