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  1. Wedding Design By Anika -- Pre Consultation Questionnaire

  2. Planners! We love working with you, and we want to streamline the process to make things easier for everyone! The info in this form fills out a client profile in our system and gives us what we need to go forward. Please be as detailed as possible in the responses. If there is something that you don't know at the time, please follow up by email as soon as you receive that information, as it may impact design and production timelines.

    Please also ensure that you provide your couples with the correct timelines for designing and production of their stationery! We recommend telling them 5-8 weeks for most items. 

    If you have any questions regarding our process, printing processes or what's possible to produce for your client's budget/timeline, please see our FAQ's page [HERE].

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  6. Things to note:

    We love working with planners to get the couple's vision on paper!

    Planners must know that we will schedule the work for each couple based on when the order is booked, and all pertinent information is provided. 

    Design time begins when the order is booked. This means:
    • the down payment is paid
    • the contract for the order is signed
    • and the information we need to start the design process has been provided

    Design time does NOT begin at the time the estimate is sent out. Delays in booking the order may mean that we are no longer available to start the design job right away, and may mean that specific materials required for the job may not be accessible in time or for the same price. We will not order any materials or start on any portion of the design until the order is booked. Delays may also mean the in-hand date has to be pushed further out to accommodate any required design and production time.

    Design time may vary based on our workload. We will schedule design time in as it is available. This includes any updates to proofs. We recommend allowing between 2-3 weeks for designing, and another 3-5 weeks for production from the time the order is booked.

    We consider "last minute requests" to be anything brought to us under 5 weeks from the mandatory in-hand date. Any last-minute requests may be subject to rush fees and rush shipping fees.

  7. Terms and conditions

    By submitting this form I knowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions found at and understand that our invitation design services begin at $950 CAD, and our day-of services begin at $400 CAD.

    *All appointment cancellations or re-bookings must be done with 24 hours notice. Any missed appointments without the appropriate notice will not be re-booked.

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