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    Please submit one form per canvas order! (If you're submitting more than one, but it's the same size, brush stroking, etc., you can fill out just one form)

  2. For wraps, this is the finished size of the front of the canvas. (not the extended edges)
    We can create ANY custom size within our range of ability you're looking for! Example: 20x30" or 26x54", etc.
    The maximum short edge is 50" on mounted canvas and 44" on wraps.  (Unlimited long edge)

  3. Example: Guild Photography 2016

  4. TERMS & CONDITIONS (updated 10-3-17)

    • BILLING: Billing takes place when order is placed. We will automatically bill your credit card on file and you will receive a receipt by email during our normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm PST). The exception is if the office is closed due to a holiday or conference.
    • CANCELLATIONS: Production on your canvas begins right away so once submitted your order cannot be changed or refunded.
    • STUDIO SAMPLES: Studio Samples are offered for 20% off, January through August each year. They will be marked on the back of the canvas as a studio sample and are not for resale. Studio Sample discounts cannot be combined with First Time Order discounts
    • PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Your finished canvas may appear in Whitmire Canvas marketing materials and/or on social media.
    • TURNAROUND TIME: Standard canvases take up to 20 business days to be completed and Canvas Wraps take up to 25 business days to be completed after ordering. Why "so long?" - Each canvas is completely unique and handmade. What we are creating is a piece of art that is like a piece of furniture. This level of quality and craftsmanship deserves the time and special attention. Thank you for your patience!
    • COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING: Currently only available for studios in the contiguous United States. Additional shipping charges may apply if not within the contiguous United States.
    • FINISHED CANVAS: All lacquer finishing will be done in a satin finish unless otherwise specified (like gloss or matte). Gallery Wraps arrive ready to install. Mounted Canvases will need framing after arriving at your studio. Frames are not included.
    • RECOMMENDATIONS: If you choose to extend your own edges for gallery wraps, we recommend using the Photoshop content aware fill to extend and the bandaid tool to patch. 3" on each side extension. (For a 16x20" gallery wrap, extend to a 22x26" file).

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